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How to Edit PDF in OS X Mavericks

To edit PDF files in Mac, if you don't want to choose the expensive Adobe Acrobat X Pro for Mac, an economical and more efficient alternative is Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac. It is a real and innovative PDF editor for Mac which can help you edit PDF files directly or if you like, also can let you edit PDF content in a Word processor by converting PDF to Word. Now download and install this Mac PDF Editor, and then follow the instructions below to edit PDF files in Mac OS X Mavericks, Lion or Mountain Lion:

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Below are a few short steps to help you edit PDF files in Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, or Lion. If you're a Windows user, you can download Wondershare PDF Editor (Windows version) to edit PDF files on Windows PCs. The main interface of the Mac version PDF Editor is a little bit different from that of Windows PDF Editor. If necessary, read the guide to learn how to edit PDF in Windows. Let's see how to use Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac to edit PDF files on a Mac.

Part 1. Edit PDF Text

  1. Open your PDF file with Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac;
  2. Choose Touchup Tool in the toolbar;
  3. To move PDF text: just click on the text you want to move and drag the text block to other place on the page;
  4. To modify PDF text: double click on the text you want to modify, and insert, delete the text in editable text block as you like;
  5. To add PDF text: choose Add Text from the toolbar, and click on the blank area on the page and type in the text to add.

edit pdf

Part 2. Edit Images in a PDF File

  1. Open your PDF file with Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac;
  2. Click Customize on the toolbar and drag Insert Image and Crop Image button to the toolbar;
  3. To insert images into a PDF file: click Insert image on the toolbar, choose a local image from your Mac to insert into the file;
  4. To move images within a PDF file: use Touchup Tool on the toolbar to select an image in the file, and then drag it to other place on the page;
  5. To crop images: use Touchup Tool to select an image in the file and then click Crop Image in the toolbar. Drag the mouse to select a portion of the image to crop.

edit pdf in mac

Part 3. Edit PDF Content with a Word Processor

  1. Open your PDF file with Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac;
  2. Click Convert on the toolbar;
  3. Customize page range for conversion, output folder in the pop-up window and click Convert button;
  4. Your PDF file will be converted to Word document in seconds, after conversion, you can edit PDF files in Word in Mac then.

edit pdf in mac

If you need to edit scanned PDF in Mac OS X Lion, then try Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac. Its OCR functionality is able to recognize text on scanned PDF.

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Watch the Video Tutorial to Edit PDF Files in Mac

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Wont this file be corrupted or damaged by this??
Editing pdf files was never so easy.. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I was searching just for this thing man! Thanks a lot for sharing.
Such a useful article. i usually got so pissed while editing now i can see how easy it is.
Hey, Rickpicard, Is it true? How could it be ? I've used this editor for several months, but don't find it has a feature of reducing file size.
sorry honey, may reduce the size of the overall document but in my case, with house drawings, all the text became blurry...unreadable...
useful PDF article !!!
I just understand that only on a PDF editor, it is possible to edit PDF file. In the past, I thought on Adobe Reader, it is able to edit PDF. How stupid I was. Wondershare PDF Editor is a cost-effective app for me to handle PDF files. Compared with the pricy, I like Wondershare PDF Editor more.