10 Easy Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube

Photoshop is the industry learning image editor for so many years. It's too powerful for beginners to know how to get started learning. While there are many text tutorials online you are refer to, Photoshop video tutorial provides a more intuitive way to operate the software step by step.

YouTube is full of Photoshop tutorials, of which some are good, but some are just wasting your precious time. We have picked up 10 easy Photoshop tutorials on YouTube for beginners to advanced users.

Photoshop Tutorial Tips:

1. It's convenient to download YouTube to watch on computer or mobile devices. Give AllMyTube a try.

2. Only download Photoshop tutorial for personal use. You are not allowed to distribute it in any way, or use it as part of your video. Take your own risk to use the downloaded Photoshop video from YouTube.

3. Visit YouTube.com for more Photoshop tutorials.

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1 Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners Part #1

Views: 460K+

Photoshop version: CS4

As a Photoshop beginners, it's a good idea to have a complete concept of Photoshop, to know what it can do and how it works. So, 2 Photoshop introduction videos are chosen and another one introduces Layers - Photoshop's most important basic and innovation.

2 Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners Part #2

Views: 90K+

Photoshop version: CS4

3 Photoshop Layers Tutorial

Views: 10K+

Photoshop version: CS4

4 Blending Pictures Together with Photoshop


Photoshop version: CS3, CS2

5 Photoshop Text Tutorial Part #1

Views: 90K+

Photoshop version: CS4

6 Photoshop Text Tutorial Part #2


Photoshop version: CS4

7 Automate Photoshop - Learning Actions

8 Changing Hair/Eye Color in Photoshop

Views: 634K+

Photoshop version: CS3

9 How To Remove Blemishes/Acne

Views: 40K+

Photoshop version: CS4

10 Make a Background Image with Photoshop CS5

Views: 190K

Photoshop version: CS5


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