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When people talk about creating great looking visual effects, they can't skip Adobe After Effects. This is the industry leading digital motion graphics software, especially for movie post-production. If you have mastered After Effects, you are also the professionals when making slideshows or website intros.

There is even steep learning curve for After Effects than Photoshop, the same software from Adobe. But with the help of After Effects video tutorials on YouTube, you can learn it on your own, and it's totally free. Will you still want to spend money to learn After Effects?

AE Tutorial Tips:

1. Use Wondershare AllMyTube to download all these program for offline playback.

2. Only download After Effects tutorial for personal use it. You are not allowed to distribute it in any way, or use it as part of your video. Take your own risk to use the downloaded After Effects video from YouTube.

3. Visit YouTube.com for more After Effects tutorials.

The Recommended YouTube Downloader-Wondershare AllMyTube

Wondershare AllMyTube

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people have downloaded it

1 After Effects Basics - Introduction

Views: 670K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

2 After Effects Tutorial - Create a Composition

Views: 290K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

3 After Effects Tutorial - Composition Panel

Views: 210K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

4 After Effects Tutorial - Basic Animation

Views: 410K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

5 After Effects Intermediate Tutorial by Zolaboy

After Effects version: CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS

6 5 Cool Intermediate Tips for After Effects

After Effects version: CS3, CS2

7 How to Create a 3D Scene with Lights and Shadows

After Effects version: CS3

8 Create 3D Video for YouTube with After Effects

After Effects version: CS3

9 Create Particle Orbusing Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares

After Effects version: 7, CS3, CS4, CS5

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