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How to Play WMA on Nexus 10

Many people said their Nexus devices can't play WMA audio files and tried to find out a practical solution or a great workaround on forums. The reasons for this are probably incompatibility or encrytion issues. For incompatibility issues, you can try a powerful music player like Wimamp or PowerAmp (you can download them in the Play Store) to play WMA on Nexus 10. While for protected WMA audio files, you have to use a professional tool to help you convert WMA files to MP3 files for playback on Nexus device.

Here, Wondshere Video Converter ( Video Converter Ultimate for Mac ), a great audio converter as well, is strongly recommended. Either for incompatibility or encrytion issues, this app can resolve it quickly and easily. Then, you can surely enjoy your WMA audio content on Nexus 10 without any trouble. Another advantage this program has is to convert WMA to other popular audio formats like MP3 with no any audio quality loss. It's amazing. Just have a try!

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1 Add WMA files to this WMA to Nexus 10 converter

Directly drag and drop the WMA files you want from the computer to this program. Or you can navigate to the folder where your WMA audio files are stored by clicking the playing wma on Nexus 10button, and then double click them to import.

convert WMA to Nexus

2 Select a suitable format for Google Nexus 10

On the right side of the main interface, there is an “Output format” panel. You can click the down-arrow button or the format image to open its output format window, where you just select “Device” tab and then go to “Others” category. Here, you can see Nexus 10 device. What you need to do is to select it.

wma to nexus 10 converter

3 Play WMA on Nexus 10

Press the “Convert” button on the bottom-right corner of this Video Converter ’s main interface. Now, this app will automatically help you convert WMA files to a suitable audio format for your device. When it’s done, you can transfer the converted audio files to your device for smooth playback. Can’t find the converted files? Don’t worry. Just click the “Open folder” to find them quickly.

Please watch the video tutorial.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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