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How to Convert WLMP Files to AVI

A WLMP file is a movie project file generated by Microsoft program Windows Live Movie Maker. WLMP files created by Windows Live Movie Maker are often exported to WMV format files directly in this program. However, sometimes, people want their WLMP files saved in AVI format other than WMV format, for AVI can be widely accepted by most hard devices or other apps etc. But Windows Live Movie Maker can't do this. The only solution is to convert WLMP to AVI for wide usage. For this, there is an easy-to-use and practical tool for you to do it.

That's Wondershare Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ). It enables you to convert WLMP files to AVI files quickly, easily, and in high quality. Besides AVI, this great app also allows you to directly convert WLMP files to most devices, say, Blackberry, PSP, Xbox 360 and so on. What's more, you're able to change the video codec, resolution, bit rate, etc directly in this app. The operation is quite easy, just a few simple clicks. You can follow the guide below step by step.

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1Save WLMP files as WMV video files

As we know, WLMP is not a video format. So you need to export files to WMV video files. Launch Windows Live Movie Maker, then click “File -> Open project” to open one of your local WLMP files. Click "File" again, and then go to "Save movie" > "Standard-definition". Now, you've saved your WLMP file as a WMV video file. And next, you can use this great video converter to convert these files to AVI format.

convert a WLMP file to avi

2Import WMV video files to this WLMP to AVI video converter

After you run this smart video converter, you'll see its "Convert" interface as follows. Do you see a converting wlmp to avi button on the upper-left corner of the interface? Just click it to import the WMV files saved in step 1 to this program for video conversion.

WLMP to avi converter

3Choose AVI as the output format

On the right side of the interface, there is an Output Format panel. You either click the format image there or hit the drop-down button above to open this app's output format list. And then, in the pop-up output format window, you can choose "Format">"Video">"AVI". By the way, if you just want to play WLMP files on some device, you can go to "Device" category to choose your desirable device.

convert WLMP to avi

Note: If you need to set some video parameters like video codec, resolution, bit rate, etc, click the Settings option at the bottom of the Output Format panel. There, you can get the related options.

4Convert WLMP files to AVI files

Simply hit the “Convert” button on the bottom-right corner of this WLMP to AVI video converter ’s main interface. That's all. This app will start to convert your files to AVI files immediately.

WLMP to avi

The video conversion will be completed in minutes. After that, you can quickly located the converted AVI files by hitting the "Open Folder" button at the bottom of the main interface. Now, just enjoy your AVI files. If you need to put the output files on your device, just transfer them to the device via cable.

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