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Why Is My Video Converter Not Working?

Is your video converter not working? Have you check if there’s enough RAM or hard disc space before re-installing it? Or probably the converted files can’t be played properly. Others possibilities as to why your video converter has crashed or failed to convert is due to the lack of supported output file formats. Perhaps Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can sort that out.

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The video converter is not only stable but it handles the conversion much quicker than the other software that is available. Most importantly, it has never crashed on me.

1 Upload your video files directly for conversion

Instead of opening the containing folders, simply drag-n-drop the video files that you wish to be converted into the main screen. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen gives you an indication of what’s still available in your DVD disc (if you wish to keep it as a DVD).

file for iso

You can choose to convert it based on your favorites, available formats or even by devices. If you can’t find it, simply click on the ‘magnifier’ to perform a quick search. All you have to do after that is click on the Convert button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

file for iso

Note: If you don’t need to edit your video files, skip step 2 and simply proceed to the 3rd step.

2 Edit your video files before conversion

Other than being able to convert your video files, there are additional editing features as an add-on to please users that want to do some simple edits. You will be pleased to find familiar options that allow you to trim, crop and add special effects to your videos. The ability to add watermarks and uploading subtitles (as per screenshot) are no exception.

crop file iso

3 Keep the video files anyway you like it

You don’t have to burn the converted video files straight onto a DVD because you have the option of saving it as a softcopy in an ISO file format. Just select ISO files from the Burn to's drop-down.

Note: There are some templates for you to browse too if you want to create your own DVD menu.

burn copy multiplexed files

What’s more interesting is that the Video Converter Ultimate actually comes with a very unique feature where users can download videos online! That’s what the Download tab is for. Remember to try that out when you’ve finished converting your video files. Please click HERE for a more detailed guide as to how you can download your favorite clips online.

Please watch the video tutorial.

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Hi, I am having difficulty using my wondershare. I have only used the program at least 4x since purchasing it, and it continues to send a Access violation at address whenever i try to use the full feature mode.
Hi, please help to check if the program is fully registered, and make sure the original file is not damaged. If the video plays well in the program, you will get an entire video after conversion.
I'm having problems with my converter as it would only convert 3 minutes worth of the video instead of going over 3 minutes. How do you convert the entire video onto Mp3 format?
Hi, Alberto, may I ask if you are using trial version? In trial version, only 1/3 video will be converted. Once the program gets registered, you will be able to convert videos in full length. If the program works well for you and you are interested in purchasing the program, we are pleasure to offer discount for you, here is the purchase link: https://usd.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=46637&p=46637-WSDCST01&q=1&v=3&d=0
I am converting a 15 second video at wondershare, with my macbook pro, so that the .mov format (which the video is in since exported from iMovie) can play in MP4 in my galaxy S3, and be added to instagram. Once the conversion from .mov to .mp4 is finished the video has only 5 seconds, being that the last 10 seconds were cropped for unknown reason. It`s being frustrating to add the go pro movie to instagram, so many conversions and problems at every step. Please, help.
Hi, Shirley,this is Liza, taking care of Wondershare Video Editor. For your problem, which is not an easy job to solve it. If you don't mind, i wish you can join and help us to improve it better. First, try to burn it again and don't forget to check up the option "Create image file" in the bottom before burning. Second, please send the log to my official email: lillianben@wondershare.com for us to check the detail problem. The default log folder should be: C:Program Files (x86)WondershareVideo EditorLog , zip them and send it. Our product manager will contact you the first moment when we find way to solve it. Sincerely and highly appreciated for you love to our software, we are improving! Liza
Hi, I'm new to this forum. Have been using Wondershare Video Editor for about a year and had no problems creating movies with multiple short clips, then burning to DVD. Until this week. I burned one DVD from the software with no problems (5.92 GB long on a 8.5GB disk). I added one title screen with finale type verbiage, saved it, and tried to burn again. Sometimes I get a general error message after it gets to the end of the burning process. Screen always says mission completed, but no data was written to the DVD. Even so, trying to burn again on the same DVD won't work (it wants a new one). So I've exited out and re-tried. I've ruined 4 DVD's already. I did successfully burn a separate movie file, considerable shorter, but using the exact same steps. Any ideas?
Ok, that's the problem. I just thought you're using our Wondershare Video Editor, which can save project before exported. Yes, you're right. You can't save it before hitting the convert button. That's the reason why we recommend our users to edit with Wondershare Video Editor. You can't convert edited files separately with this software and neither current Wondershare Video Editor too. But we found this is a big demand from users, our PMs are planning to add this function in Wondershare Video Editor in next big update. At that time, you can save edited videos into different files or burn to different dvds i suppose. Now, yes, you may need to edit them twice. Sorry for the troubles caused to you.
Your response does not answer my question. How can I save my editing work prior to hitting the "convert" button. Also, what if I want to "convert" the edited files, and also, separately, burn the files to a DVD. Do I really have to perform all of the edits twice?
If you found the app shows "no response", don't close it directly. The no response signal is the default setting in Windows system, it will pop up when it checked out slow speed background. Actually our video editor program is still rendering. Be patient and try to close any other running programs and wait. It won't cost much time to save it. And our video editor supports to save as different formats. Let me know if you are still in troubles.


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