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Why Is My Video Converter Not Working?

Is your video converter not working? Have you check if there’s enough RAM or hard disc space before re-installing it? Or probably the converted files can’t be played properly. Others possibilities as to why your video converter has crashed or failed to convert is due to the lack of supported output file formats. Perhaps Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can sort that out.

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The video converter is not only stable but it handles the conversion much quicker than the other software that is available. Most importantly, it has never crashed on me.

1 Upload your video files directly for conversion

Instead of opening the containing folders, simply drag-n-drop the video files that you wish to be converted into the main screen. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen gives you an indication of what’s still available in your DVD disc (if you wish to keep it as a DVD).

file for iso

You can choose to convert it based on your favorites, available formats or even by devices. If you can’t find it, simply click on the ‘magnifier’ to perform a quick search. All you have to do after that is click on the Convert button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

file for iso

Note: If you don’t need to edit your video files, skip step 2 and simply proceed to the 3rd step.

2 Edit your video files before conversion

Other than being able to convert your video files, there are additional editing features as an add-on to please users that want to do some simple edits. You will be pleased to find familiar options that allow you to trim, crop and add special effects to your videos. The ability to add watermarks and uploading subtitles (as per screenshot) are no exception.

crop file iso

3 Keep the video files anyway you like it

You don’t have to burn the converted video files straight onto a DVD because you have the option of saving it as a softcopy in an ISO file format. Just select ISO files from the Burn to's drop-down.

Note: There are some templates for you to browse too if you want to create your own DVD menu.

burn copy multiplexed files

What’s more interesting is that the Video Converter Ultimate actually comes with a very unique feature where users can download videos online! That’s what the Download tab is for. Remember to try that out when you’ve finished converting your video files. Please click HERE for a more detailed guide as to how you can download your favorite clips online.

Please watch the video tutorial.

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Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Hi Yizu, you can try this program and it will output 1/3 of the file after converting. But it doesn't supporting importing SWF files, so you can try on your other files, which this program will not fail you.
Is it possible to try to convert a file with the trial version so I can see the quality of the output before I purchase the software? I downloaded the software and tried to drag my "swf" file onto the "drag media files into this area" in order to convert the "swf" file to a "mov" file but was unable to do it. The "swf" file just bounced back to my desktop when I released the icon.
Dear Christine, I did receive the email. And your tech Scott was very helpful throughout all of this. I want to thank you for making it possible for me to continue using the product. All the best to you. Trace
Hello Trace, sorry again for the inconvenience. After i communicate your problems to our tech support team, they have re-checked your problem and sent you a new solution for this (see email--Attachment: x264_new.rar ). And also your new license is also sent. Could you please check the two emails? If you still have problems, just let us know. And we will try our best to solve your problems. Thanks for your understanding. Regards, Christine.
Trace Abrams
Hello Ms. Smith. I assure you I did not receive the above mentioned email. As I wanted a resolution to this issue I have checked my inbox and junk mail on regular basis. It is odd that I did not receive the original email you mentioned but I did receive an email right after my post with instructions on how to resolve the issue. The bottom line is everything the tech mentioned I had already tried and more. Never, Ms. Smith did the tech Scott mention a new license - he did however offer additional alternative solution, Those soluction were not helpful. I will however like to state that the product worked just fine until I updated Windows 8.1. Thank you for trying to help with this issue. Trace
Hello Trace, sorry for causing the trouble. I have contacted our technical support team. They confirmed me that they have received your ticket concerning ripping DVD on Oct. 19th and they have emailed you back on Oct. 20th with step-by-step solution, a new license for Wondershare video converter ultimate and also an alternative solution. Can you please re-check your email? Is it in the spam box? If not, I will ask them to resend you an email or i can send you directly. Regards.
The software stopped converting. It throws a "Failed" message. I sent a trouble ticket. No response from Wondershare in over two weeks. I guess after you purchase the product you are just out of luck. The problem started when I installed window 8.1. I really don't think they have a patch to fix it. Had the product to long to get my money back.
Hi Allan, sorry for causing the inconvenience. Have open a technical ticket on your behalf, someone from our support team will reach out for you in 24hrs.
Ok just got this today and have 2 probs, 1st I am getting failed issue unless the souce video is very small like a music one and second it does not seem to support my graphics card NVidia GTX670 for the cuda
Hi there, are you using the trial version of the software? If so, you will need to upgrade to the full version to freely get your videos converted.


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