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How Can I Upload An MP4 to YouTube?

Have you tried to upload an MP4 video to YouTube previously but it has never posed any problems for you until recently? You would most probably receive a message from YouTube reading "invalid file format error message when you're uploading"? That basically means that the file is not recognized. Still you will be left hanging thinking how would that be possible because YouTube does support MP4 for uploads.  

So it might be worthwhile for you to have another quick check whether your source or original video is corrupted and try to upload the MP4 file once again. Please also ensure that video’s running time is within the YouTube’s permitted upload limit which is 15 minutes for standard upload or for non-partners. If the same error message is being prompted once more, the likelihood is that the audio and video codec is not recognized because MP4 is only a container for storing the audio and video files. Hence you will need a helping hand from the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports video files conversion so that it is compatible for YouTube’s uploading criteria. Apart from the container’s format, YouTube also require certain codec before your MP4 can be uploaded. Otherwise, the video file might not open or play even when it is uploaded. Simply follow the steps below to upload your MP4 to YouTube.

1 Edit before you upload an MP4 video to YouTube

If you need to upload a video file that is running more than 15 minutes, you have to upgrade to either being a partner or increase the upload settings. Please click HERE for instructions on how to increase the uploading limit. You can also check your current uploading limit in the account’s feature page. For an upload of video file size that is larger than 20GB, make sure that your browser is the latest version.

You can also edit your video files with Video Converter Ultimate easily by using the trimming function. There is a Reset button for you if wish to re-trim it until you’re satisfied with the result.

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2 Convert your MP4 video to YouTube

When you have finished editing your videos, you’ll be able to find the preset file format (YouTube Video) that’s included in the Video Converter Ultimate at your convenience. After that, just click the Convert button.

burn copy multiplexed files

3 Watch the tutorial on how you can convert an MP4 to YouTube

I’ve also included a short video clip which I hope can be of your aid. Enjoy!

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