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How to Upload QuickTime Videos to YouTube

Many people may have issues when they try to upload a QuickTime format file to YouTube. The QuickTime format file may be a QuickTime movie, or exported from iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc. And the reasons that people fail to upload QuickTime to YouTube are almost the same - incompatiblity issue. In a case like this, converting QuickTime files to YouTube compatible format files could be a great solution.

To do this, Wondershare Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) is a great help. This intelligent QuickTime to YouTube converter makes it fast and easy to convert QuickTime files to fit YouTube by directly offering users an optimized format for YouTube. And it allows users to set video resolution, bit rate, frame rate before uploading to YouTube. Most importantly, the video quality on YouTube is almost the same as the original one.

Next, I will show you how to upload files from QuickTime to YouTube for sharing with worldwide peoples. Note that the guide below is mainly based on the Windows system. For Mac users, you can also refer to this guide because the steps on both systems are almost the same.

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1 Import QuickTime files to this QucikTime to YouTube converter

After you launch this program, you just drag and drop your local QuickTime files from your computer to the conversion pane of this app. Alternatively, you can press the Add Files button in this window to add your local QuickTime files instead.

quicktime to youtube

Note: Before uploading to YouTube, if you need to enhance your videos, such as trimming, rotating, cropping, adding watermark or subtitle files etc, you just hit the Edit option on video item bar you want.

2Choose the optimized format for YouTube

Click the format image or open the format drop-down list on the Output Format pane, then go to the Format category, and then choose the YouTube option from the Video subcategory.

convert quicktime to youtube

3 Convert QuickTime to YouTube

You'll see the conversion progress bar and the remaining time on each video item bar as soon as you hit the Convert button on the lower right corner of this window. A while later, all added videos are converted. At this time, you can locate these converted files by clicking the Open Folder option at the bottom of this window.

quicktime to youtube converter

After that, you can upload the output files to YouTube as you uploaded videos to YouTube before.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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