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QuickTime No Video Only Audio? Fixed Easily.

You get audio but no video in QuickTime? It happens in different situations. As we know, QuickTime is very finicky on codec/file format that it can play, and generally, users need to install an extra video codec package to widen its format support. So if you encounter this "QuickTime no video" problem, you probably don't install any codec package, or the codec package has become invalid since you upgraded the player to a new version or upgraded your operating system. Of course, there are also other unknown reasons.

Try to look for other video codec packages, right? Here, I advise you not to waste time. It don't work, probably. For this, a truely effective and easy solution is strongly recommended. You just use a great Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ) to convert your videos to a QuickTime natively supported format for uses. In this way, you can fix "QuickTime no picture only audio" issue quickly and easily.

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1 Import video files for QuickTime no image fix

First, launch this app, and then you need to load the video files that are played on QuickTime with no video. To do it, you can directly drag your target files to this app's conversion pane. Or you can click the quicktime no video just audio button in the main menu to locate your local video files and then import to this app.

quicktime no video only audio

2 Choose a QuickTime natively supported format

As everyone knows, MOV is a QuickTime natively supported format. So here, you need to choose MOV as the output format. Open this app's output format list by hitting the format image on the Output Format pane, and then go to the "Format">"Video" category, where you can find MOV option. Just click the MOV option.

quicktime no image

3Fix QuickTime no video by video conversion

Just perform the video conversion by hitting the "Convert" option at the lower-right corner of this program's main interface. And the conversion tasks will be finished in a minute. After that, go to its output folder by directly clicking the "Open Folder" button, and then play the output files with QuickTime. You'll find the "QucikTime no video" problem has been fixed.

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