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QuickTime No Sound when Playing Videos? Fixed Easily.

Sometimes, you may get this problem: QuickTime no sound when playing some videos. The reason that could have caused this can vary from person to person. In most cases, that may be a codec problem. As is known to all, QuickTime is very picky about codec/file format. It's probably the audio codec in your video can't be recognized by QuickTime, which will cause "QuickTime no audio".

For this, a truely effective and easy solution is to convert videos with incompatible audio stream to a QuickTime nativley supported format. To do it, Wondershare Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ) is strongly recommended. Just with three simple steps, it will help you resolve this "QuickTime player no sound" issue.

Note: If it happens when you play any video with QuickTime, you may try to Edit>Preferences>QuickTime Preferences>Audio to fix it (Note: you must restart QuickTime after that).

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1 Import video files for QuickTime no sound fix

Run this app, and then you need to import the video files that are played on QuickTime with no sound. To do it, you can either click the quicktime player no audio button in the main menu or directly drag the target video files from the computer to this app's conversion pane. Then, you can see the main interface of this app will be shown as follows.

quicktime player no audio

2 Choose QuickTime MOV as the output format

Here, we just need to choose MOV as the output format, for MOV is an Apple format that can be supported by QuickTime natively. Go to the Output Format pane on the right hand side of the main interface. Then, click the format image. Immediately, the output format list will pop up. Next, enter into the "Format">"Video" category, and choose MOV.

quicktime player no sound

3Fix QuickTime no sound by video conversion

Hit the "Convert" option at the lower-right corner of this program's main interface to start video conversion. After a while, you'll get the QuickTime fully supported video files in the output folder. Just click the "Open Folder" at the bottom of the main interface to find these converted files, and then drag one of them to QuickTime to play smoothly.

From now on, you'll never be annoyed by the "QuickTime no sound" problem. Just have a try now.

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