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How to Use Google Play Music on iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Google Music was first released back in 2011, with later integration into Play Music on Google Play (shortened as Google Play Music) in 2012. Google Play Music keeps evolving and its new streaming service Google Play Music All Access came into fruition a few months ago. Let’s sum up what Google Play Music can do now.

  • 1. It allows you to upload your entire music library to its cloud for playback on any computers and ten devices.
  • 2. All Access offers a streaming service for up to 18 million tracks with a monthly fee of $9.99.
  • 3. It is a platform for music purchasing.

Google Play Music is originally available only on the Web and Android. What about the iOS platform? Good news is that The official app of Google Play Music for iOS has been recently launched. What's more, there are another two ways that you can enjoy using Google Play Music on iOS. One is through the Google Play web player for iOS. The other is for you to first download music from Google Play Music and Google Play Music All Access on your computer and then transfer the music to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Let's compare the three solutions mentioned and it's all your choice to find the one that works for you.

Have selected one solution to use Google Play Music on iOS? Let's see the details of the solutions below.

# Solution 1. Download music free with TunesGo , make Google Music and Youtube Music as your library

Guide for TunesGo: 1.Download Music 2.Record Music 3.Transfer Music 4.Manage iTunes Library 5.Tips for iTunes

Get more details about how to get these songs>>

# Solution 2. Wondershare AllMyMusic

deezer music downloader
  • 1. Automatically download music from Google Play Music
  • 2. Intelligently recognize song info, including album artwork, title and more
  • 3. Download the whole Google music playlists and split any 2 songs automatically
  • 4. Schedule to download and filter out ads

How to use Wondershare AllMyMusic to download music from Google Play Music and transfer to iDevices

Use this solution, you don't need to worry about the data spending on your devices and you can keep the music files forever.

Step 1. Download and Install this music downloader

Install this program on your Mac. It is very to install the program and you can follow the wizard to quickly finish it. Then launch the program to get ready.

download deezer music

Step 2. Start to download music from

You will find a red Record button on the top left. Press the button to get ready. Play All Access music on your Mac. As long as there is sound on your Mac, this program will start to record the sound.

download deezer songs

Step 3. Transfer the music to iTunes

After the music is downloaded, select the music in the Library tab and click the Add to iTunes button on the bottom to add all the music to iTunes. Then plug in your iOS devices and sync the downloaded music from iTunes.

deezer songs downloader

# Solution 3. Google Play Music app for iOS


Google Play Music app for iOS is the official app launched by Google. It is designed for you to discover, play and enjoy the music you love. With subscription to Google Play Music All Access, you will be able to stream 18 milliion tracks as long as your internet connection is available.You only need to install this app on your device, and then start to let it manage your music library easily and enjoy the music you like through the All Access service.

Install Google Play Music for iOS>>

# Solution 4. Google Play web player for iOS

You can get access to Google Play Music on iOS through your mobile browser. Here is the simple guide.

Step 1: Open your mobile browser and visit play.google.com/music.

Step 2: Log into your Google account. If no, register one for free.

Step 3: Google Play Music will automatically sync all the songs in the account to your device.

Step 4: You can play the music in the library now. If you have subscribed to All Access, you can also stream up to 18 million tracks.

Compare Solutions to use Google Play Music

What you need
Google Play Music app for iOS
Google Play web player for iOS
Wondershare AllMyMusic
Service Type
online service
desktop software
Listen to music directly from Google Play Music
Download and keep the music on the devices
Not limited to the internet connection on devices
Manage music on your devices
Convenient to use
  • 1. good for managing music on devices
  • 2. free
  • 1. free
  • 1. enable you to keep the music files
  • 2. allow you to play the music offline
  • 1. limited to the internet connection
  • 1. limited to the internet connection
  • 2. not convenient to use
  • 1. not free

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At 9.99 per month am I able to download any song for free and keep it forever?
You can also pay to download the Google Play music as you would with iTunes.
I'm confused about Google music. Does it mean that if you download whatever music you need a) an internet connection and b) a Google music account in order to play it? So you can't just buy music off Google to own permanently like you would with iTunes, despite the fact
It's easy for me to do that. I use Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder (Mac users can use Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac) to download purchased Google Play music in MP3. The process is very simple, just one click. And then, I transfer the MP3 files to my iPod. If need, you can click here to refer to a detailed guide.
How can you upload your purchased Google Play music to your iPod? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
THANK YOU!! I have been searching since I got this Ipad a few months ago and all the other apps wouldn't play my All Access songs from my monthly subscription. Just purchased for $1.99 and well worth it!!! So excited to have my Google Play Music finally on my new Ipad! My son is now finally on the road to getting my other tablet..my Nexus. haha Thank you! Thank you!
Hit the headphone icon to reload music to go back to main view instead of desktop
Cloud Play is a new app on the App Store that can play Google Music. There is even an update awaiting approval to play their new "All Access" songs. Check it out if your interested.
Hi there, you can try this way. Download google music by using Streaming Audio Recorder.Then transfer to your portable devices
as soon as your screen shuts off the music stops playing...This is still not a solution