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Can't Play AVI Files on Xbox 360? The Solution.

Can't play the AVI files on your Xbox 360? Many people have complained that when they try to playback the AVI files on their Xbox 360, they be prompted with the following error message; "Can't play this content because it may not be supported".

An AVI file is a multimedia file or container used to store video and audio streams. Back in 2007, the Xbox 360's multimedia update have added support for both the DivX and Xvid videos. Thus, the AVI files encoded with either the DivX or Xvid are also supported and compatible with the console. However, your AVI files will still be rejected if the codecs are not within the list of it's supported codecs. in order to fix this problem, there is an easier and effective way to help you convert your AVI files to the Xbox 360-compatible formats. That's to use the Wondershare Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac). It can help you resolve this incompatibility issue with a simple click. After that, rendering this media file on your Xbox 360 will be pretty straightforward. Please refer below for the step-by-step guide.

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1 Load AVI files

You can either press the Add Files button on the top-left hand corner of this interface or directly drag-and-drop your AVI files from the computer onto this program. The uploaded files will be neatly stacked up on the interface with the Edit icon on each of the file for your editing convenience. 

 avi to xbox 360 converter

2 Select Xbox 360 as the output format

Click the format image in the Output Format panel and then in drop-down menu, go to Device and select Xbox 360 from the Game category. The optimized preset is fully-compatible with Xbox 360.

 watch avi on xbox

3 Start AVI to Xbox 360 conversion

Just start the AVI file to Xbox 360 conversion by pressing Convert on the bottom-right hand corner of this converter. This program works efficiently even for batch conversion. You'll be prompted with a pop-up message once the conversion has been completed. Then, click the Open Folder's option at the bottom of the interface to retrieve your converted files.

4 Stream media files to Xbox 360 for playback

You can easily stream your converted AVI files to your Xbox 360 for playback with either one of the four tools; Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server, Zune Software. If you don't know how to do this, please refer to a more detailed guide on how to stream video files to Xbox 360.

You can also watch the video tutorial right here.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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