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How to Play AVI on OS X Mavericks

Can't play the AVI files on your OS X Mavericks? It's in fact quite a common problem. Users can only playback the AVI files on their Mac smoothly when they have installed some necessary plugins; such as Perian on Mac. However, as soon as computers are upgraded to the new OS X Mavericks system, these plugins will not longer work because they are incompatible with Mavericks. And no doubt, it will be a long time before these plugins are upgraded for Mavericks. But, before that, how can you get to playback those AVI files on your OS X Mavericks? I've prepared you with two solutions right here.

  • Solution 1: QuickTime Alternative on Mavericks
  • Solution 2: Convert videos to the formats supported by QuickTime

  • Solution 1: QuickTime Alternative on Mavericks

    You can freely use the Wondershare Player for Mac if you have updated your system to Mavericks. The Wondershare player is Mavericks supported and has no format limitations compared to QuickTime. For example, we know that QuickTime only supports formats like the MOV, and MP4 but it doesn't support the WMV, AVI, FLV or MTS. However, the player supports all of these formats. Moreover, the new player has a friendly interface. You will effortlessly know how to use it within just a few minutes.

    Download Mac Version

     video player mac

    Solution 2: Convert videos to the formats supported by QuickTime

    Considering that you might not want to use a new player on Mavericks, you can just download and install the Wondershare Video Converter for Mac. It lets you convert an AVI file to a Mac-supported format. That's for example an MOV; by using this great AVI converter for Mavericks, you can easily and conveniently use your QuickTime to playback the AVI files on your Mavericks. What's more important is that the converter will convert your files with lossless quality! Besides that, you can also use iMovie to edit your converted videos after that.

    Download Mac Version

    1 Import AVI files to this AVI player for Mavericks

    Find the AVI videos you want to convert on your Mac first. After that, directly drag them onto the interface. Alternatively, go to the File menu and then Load Media Files....

    avi player mavericks

    2 Choose MOV as the output format

    At the bottom of this interface, click the format icon. Then, you'll access to this app's output format list. Here, almost all popular formats are included by category. Just select MOV from the Video category. The output format can be supported by Mac natively.

    play avi mavericks

    3 Play AVI on Mavericks by video conversion

    On the main interface of the Video Converter for Mac, you just hit the Convert button to start converting video files. This great AVI converter for Mavericks has the ability to finish all of the video converting tasks in less time compared to others. After conversion, you can locate these converted files just according to the output file pane.

    Now, just play AVI files on Mavericks with Apple official media player - QuickTime. With the help of this great AVI player for Mavericks, you can play your AVI file in any other Mac product like iTunes, iMovie, iPad and etc.

    Please watch the video tutorial below.

    Download Mac Version

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