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How Can I Watch Or Play Any Video on My iPad?

All devices and even computers have their own specific technical guide or requirements as to which type of files or formats are supported on their platform. Even though there are various models of iPad available on the market, the supported file type or format is restricted to QuickTime-compatible files (as .mov), MPEG4 and M4V. For further details on the iPad’s technical specification, please look into here. Basically, those listed in the guide is considered the native file types or formats that are compatible with iPad.  

Attempts to upload compatible video files might still fail or prove to be quite difficult at times, let alone non-native ones. So, please don’t be surprised that you would not be able to import, play or watch the non-native video files on your iPad. If you have previously tried to convert your video files with an alternative video converter but it doesn’t perform up to expectation, try the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

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Suggestions on how you can try to upload native video file types or formats onto an iPad

You can try to add or upload the video files onto iTunes and then synchronize it with the iPad. Otherwise, download other media players that could support third party video file format so it can be play or watch on your iPad. Please look at the list below for some recommendations:

Note: iPad would reject any QuickTime mov video files created or edited with iMovie. Therefore, you will still need to convert it with a converter. You could either opt to convert your files with an online video converter or a desktop version. Simply read through the difference between an online and desktop MOV converter.

Convert and play any video on iPad with the Video Converter Ultimate

1 Import your video files onto the software

The download and installation of the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will only take minutes. Once it’s completed, you can easily drag-and-drop your video files onto the interface. 

video quicktime

2 Edit video files

Instead of going through the hassle of editing your video files with another software, you can now edit it directly on the same platform. Instant preview of the changes made can be observed from the Output Preview. The interface is very user-friendly and straightforward so you can edit your videos at ease.

convert quicktime file

3 Select the output format

Once you are done editing, you can either choose the output format based on devices (i.e. iPad) or the defaulted Video. After that, all you have to do is click Convert.

trim quicktime video

Note: On top of being able to edit and convert your video files, you can also download your favorite video clips online. Click on the Download tab from the toolbar on top of the screen; then simply copy and paste the URL or just surf online. You can practically watch any videos on your iPad!

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