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How to Import MTS to Adobe Premiere (CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 included)

You may keep a lot of HD camcorder recording for the precious moments in life. Be it wedding party, growing baby, grand ceremony, or special moment. Copy these awesome footages to Mac, you'll get files with .MTS or M2TS extension typically. If you'd like to import these MTS files to Adobe Premier Pro, you may often run into incompatibility issue. This is because that your MTS files contain come codecs or the resolution is not recognizable by Adobe Premiere. So what to do?

The easiest and quickest solution is using a video converter to turn it into configured editable format for Adobe Premier Pro, To do this work, I strongly recommend Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, which renders native codecs ensuring the best results when using Adobe Premiere. The best part is it's extremely easy to use, and you can complete above conversion with a few clicks of mouse. No learning curve! Below I'll describes how to do it step by step.

Preparation: free download MTS to Adobe Premier Converter trial version:.

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Note: This program is cross-platform. If you're a Windows user, you can turn to Video Converter which runs in Windows 8/7/XP/Vista. The conversion process is the same as belows.

Convert MTS to Adobe Premiere Pro step by step

1 Import your MTS videos

If the MTS files are already on your Mac, you just directly drag them from your computer into the program window. If the files are on your camcorder, you can directly import the files you want from the camcorder to this program.

After you import all of them, you can adjust the file name, enable plug-in subtitle, rotate to normal, and crop black bars if necessary.

adobe premiere mts

2 Choose your preferred output format

As mentioned, Video Converter Ultimate for Mac provides the native codec: ProRes or DNxHD, which ensure the best quality and easiness for editing in Adobe Premier. To set it as the output, just click the double up-arrow at the bottom of this program's pane and then select what you need in the Editing category.

Note that the converted file will usually be large in size, cause its native codec and give the best image and performance. If you want to compress the file a little, you can also click the gear icon to design the parameters like bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. manually.

convert mts to adobe premiere

3 Start MTS to Adobe Premiere Pro conversion

After choosing the output format, just hit the Convert button on the bottom right to start converting MTS to Adobe Premiere.

When all conversions finished, you may go ahead to create your own masterpiece with Adobe Premier and then upload it to YouTube for sharing with the worldwide!

Here is the video tutorial.

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Hi, Samopal, if this is your case, you can also try this software: Wondershare Video Editor for Mac (OS X 10.8 supported). Hope it works for you. Best regards,
Hmmmmm, bad way. If you convert video you lost image quality. I solve it this way - i encode only audio track and in Premiere i import video files and then audio files. If i have S1000+ 1080p videos i can´t lost quality by converting videos - better way than encoding is use other video editor.