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How to Import Movie to iTunes

iTunes really enriches the music and video playback experience for both Win and Mac users. However, iTunes is not an all friendly applications to play format rather than MOV, MP4, and M4V videos, which are far from satisfying your playing needs.If you've downloaded some other video formats like FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc, or get a number of amazing DVD movies, how to play them with iTunes?

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac takes the hassle out and makes it as easy as the click of a button. All you have to do is add your videos to the program, choose the iTunes-friendly format, or optimized presets for iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc, and then click Start to let this smart program do the rest. Now let's go over the simple 3 steps in details.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Preparation: download, install and run this program. Supported OS: Video Converter Ultimate for Win (supports Windows 7/XP/Vista), and Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (supports Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion). Two versions share the same feature and below guide takes Mac screenshots.

Step 1: Add Movie files from local folders or DVDs

Choose "Convert" to enter the primary window. In the built in media browser on the right, you can easily locate and add the movies you want to convert. If you want to import DVD movies, you can drag your local DVD files like Video_TS folder directly into the window. (Tips: you can preview the file before you drag it in, just double-clicking the file icon).

After all VOB files imported successfully, you can change the video name, preview it in the right screen, freely take snapshots or merge them into one file.

convert movies to iTunes

Step 2: Choose your preferred output

Click the Format at the bottom of this app's pane, and then choose your preferred output from format list.
Here, you can find various formats and devices provided to cater for your different playback needs.

1) If you just want to play them on your iTunes, choose "MP4" from "Video" category.
2) If you like to import them to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc to play on the go, you can choose the optimized presets, e.g. "Devices" > "iPad".

import movies into iTunes

Tips: this program also provides editing functions which enables you to modify output video. Common editing tools are provided: crop, trim, effect, watermark, subtitles. Refer to User Guide on Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Step 3: Start Movies to iTunes conversion

Click the "Convert" button and let the Video Converter takes care of Movies to iTunes rendering. It may take a while, depending on file size and quantity.

Note: This smart program also offers a preference setting, you can choose the converted files automatically add to iTunes and other settings. Please click "Video Converter Ultimate" > "Preference" and adjust the settings as you like.

convert Movies to iTunes

Bonus tip:

Now all your movies can be imported into iTunes smoothly and quickly. If you have a great number of movies and want to organize them in groups, you can try below trick: create movie groups under TV shows. Here comes the detail.

  1. Go to Movies library, select the video and press Command-I to display its Info window. On the Options tab choose TV Show from the Media Kind drop-down.
  2. Move over to the Sorting tab and enter a group name in the Show field. This is the trick: Video files that have the same Show name will be organized into the same group; for example, YouTube, Home Videos, and so on. After that, click on OK, and your changes will be applied.
  3. You can repeat these steps for all of the videos you want to organize. After that, you'll see that all of the videos in your groups are organized behind their own group icons.

Great Job! With this video converter and grouping trick, you can fresh your iTunes quickly and easily, start now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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One of the great things about Wondershare is how it imports movie data in the conversion, such as Actors, director, movie art, synopsis, etc. But when I add the converted file to iTunes, all that info disappears and I have to retype it. Is there a trick to making the info stick?
The free trial version has limitations.
is it it free?