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How Do I Move iTunes Files to iMovie?

Do you have brilliant ideas on how to personalize your video and hope to edit your iTunes files with iMovie? Have you tried to move or export your iTunes files to iMovie but it just don’t seem to work? If you have previously been exporting your iTunes files directly to iMovie, you can perhaps try to drag your video files onto the desktop first. After that, import the iTunes files back into iMovie. On the other note, please ensure that there are no extraneous tracks in your iTunes file or else it would be classified as a corrupted file by iMovie. Hence, resulting in the error message prompted on your screen.

You could also try to rename the iTunes files directly to the .mov or .mp4 file extension because it might just get uploaded to iMovie that way. It’s impossible for you to edit the iTunes files if the videos are purchased or downloaded into the library as they are normally DRM protected.  In that case, you would need to install third party software to convert your iTunes files to iMovie. You’ll probably want to try using the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

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1 Stack up your iTunes files

Depending on the version of iMovie that you have, you might not always be able to drag-n-drop your files. However, this function never fails with the Video Converter Ultimate. Instead of having to browse and insert the iTunes files one by one, simply stack it up.

Then you can proceed to select iMovie from the Editing toolbar at the bottom of the screen as your preferred output format. After that, just click-on the Convert button. You will get a pop-up message once the conversion has completed.

imovie video sharing

2 Edit before converting iTunes files to iMovie

Since you are converting your iTunes files so that it can be edited with iMovie, why won’t you just go ahead and edit it on the same platform right here with the Video Converter Ultimate. You can easily crop and trim your videos before converting your iTunes files. In order to access more editing features, just click-on the Edit button.

imovie video edit

3 Transfer or play it anywhere

Once you’re done editing your iTunes files, simply plug-in your portable devices or smartphone and transfer your video files for entertainment on-the-go. Other than that, you could also upload it onto Facebook or YouTube. Check out for more sharing options from the toolbars at the bottom of the screen. Share that creativity of yours!

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version

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