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iPad Mini Converter: How to Convert Video to iPad Mini

Wow, iPad Mini is coming. With a smaller, super HD Retina display, it's more convenient and more suitable to play videos or movies on the go. So I think, it's quite cool to watch videos or movies when you're on a long boring trip, isn't it? If you have the same idea and are planning to transfer some wonderful videos or movies to iPad Mini for enjoyment, there is one thing you must know. The vast majority of videos or movies could not be recognized by the tablet. You have to resolve the incompatibility issue first.

To convert videos to iPad Mini compatible video formats, Wondershare Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ) is a great help. It enables you to convert almost any video format to iPad Mini supported formats, such as AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, VOB, MOV, MP4, MTS, M2TS, Xvid, DivX, MPG, MPEG, H.264, AVCHD, ASF and so on. And you don't need to know what format iPad Mini supports better. Just follow the guide below and you can quickly finish the job with a few simple clicks. Most importantly, the smart iPad Mini video converter works in high quality.

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1 Add video files to this video to iPad Mini converter

To load videos to iPad Mini, you can click the "Add Files" button in the main menu or in this app's pane to browse your computer and select your wanted videos to add. Or find the videos you want to transfer to iPad Mini first, and then directly drag and drop them to this app for later video conversion.

 video to iPad Mini conversion

2 (Optional) Edit your videos if necessary

Before video conversion, if you can optionally edit your videos. To trim, crop, rotate video, or add effect, watermark and subtitle etc, just click the "Edit" button on the right side of the video item to enter into the editing interface. If you want to merge several videos into a big one, you can tick the "Merge all videos into one file" option in the main interface. When you finish the editing job, you'd better preview the effect by clicking the video thumbnail.

 video to iPad Mini

3 Choose an iPad Mini compatible video format

Click the format image or the drop-down list below the "Output Format" label on the right side. You can get its output format list. Here, hit the "Device" tab, go to "Apple" category, and then choose the "iPad Mini" option.

 video to iPad Mini

4 Start converting video to iPad Mini compatible format

Just begin converting video files to iPad Mini for personal enjoyment. To do it, you just need to click the "Convert" button in the lower-right corner of this app. That's all. This app will automatically finish the job for you. When it's done, a message will pop up, informing you that the conversion is completed.

Now, you can import these converted videos to iTunes. Can't find the converted files? Just click the "Open Folder" to bring you there. After you sync these files to your iPad Mini, you'll find they all can be recognized and played on the tablet.

Here is the brief video tutorial.

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Yeah, it's the converter itself. You need to click the download link (with 495) to install it first. And the program has upgraded to version 6.5.1.
It's odd, this mention of version 6.0.3 etc when the link only accesses something with a number in it '495'. Are you sending us an 'installer', vn 4.95, rather than the converter itself? If so, what bloatware does the installer bring us? If not, can you explain the apparent contradiction?
Hi, this is really weird. Anyway, our program get further update today. Please download the latest version 6.0.3 again. If the iPad mini option not shows up (actually, it's the first option under the Apple category), please send a screenshot to me, thanks.
I just downloaded the 6.0.1 version, and there's no ipad mini option, just iphone 5. Any idea?
Hi, did you get the latest 6.0.1 version? If not, please click the menu tab on the top right of the program window, and choose "Check for Updates" option. In the pop up window, you can download the latest version directly online and install it accordingly. After that, you will surely find the ipad mini option like the step 3's screenshot. Best regards,
I downloaded the windows version above via your link and there's no iPad Mini conversion option under Devices at all. Is this the right software version???