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iDVD Not Working? Get the Solution Here.

iDVD not burning on your Mac? If so, I strongly advise you to turn to other DVD burning tools. You know, there are a lot of iDVD problems, and the reason varies from person to person. It's hard for you to figure out what's going wrong and find the solution to fix it. Moreover, Apple no longer supports iDVD. So, if iDVD is not working on your Mac, why not consider using a great alternative that has the same or even more features to burn your videos on Mac? For this, the software below is recommended.

Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac is a professional and easy-to-use DVD burning tool. It supports almost all popular video formats and allows you to burn DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO files. What's more, it contains a great many free DVD menu templates. With it, you can burn almost any video to a professional DVD quickly and easily. By the way, if you are a Windows user, you can use this smart windows version - Wondershare DVD Creator.

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1 Import videos to this great app

You can use two different ways to add your video files to this program. The first one is to press the "+" button in this program to import your local videos. Another way is to directly drag and drop your files from Mac to this app.

More tips:
1. If you want to re-arrange the added videos, you just click the "↑“ or "↓" option at the top of this window. Note that it will change the playback order of your DVD.
2. If you want to combine several video files, just drag one file to another.

idvd problemss

3. If you need to enhance your videos, such as cropping, rotating, trimming, adding cool effect and watermark etc, you just click the Edit option on one of the video item bars.

idvd not working

2Make a DVD menu for your DVD

In this step, you need to customize your DVD menu. First, hit the Media option to enter into its Menu interface. Then, choose one of your favorite templates and customize it to your liking, such as adding frame, text, button, background music and picture etc. After that, you'd better preview your project by hitting the idvd not burning button.

idvd not burning

Note: If you think there is not enough DVD menu templates to choose from, you can access to our website by hitting the green down arrow button in this window to get more free ones.

3 Start burnning DVDs

Insert a blank DVD5 or DVD9 disc, click the idvd not burning button at the bottom right corner of this window, check the "Burn to DVD Disc" box, and at last, hit the "Save" button to start burning your videos to DVDs.

idvd not burning

Note: Durning the DVD burning process, you can choose to burn videos to a softcopy file for backup, such as DVD folder, .dvdmedia, and ISO file.

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version

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