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iDVD for Mac: Burn Any Video to DVDs on Mac (Mavericks included) Easil

" After I upgraded to Moutain Lion, IMovie won’t finish burning a DVD. It will start to go through the process and then eject the DVD, but it is not finished. The menu says Cancel, instead of Done. I tried puy same DVD back in burner to see if it will finish the DVD but it does'nt.Does iDVD work on Mountain Lion?"

-Dennis Y from Apple forum

Does iDVD work on Mountain Lion? Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? Many Mac users ask the same question. Yeah, it’s gone with Mountain Lion. Apple has no longer updated iDVD and Apple is no longer putting DVD driver in machines. If you want to burn DVDs on Mountain Lion, you have to find an iDVD alternative to do it.

Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac is the best iDVD alternative for Mountain Lion. As we know, iDVD is very out of date and in some cases very limited. However, this iDVD for Mountain Lion is better than iDVD. Not only can it let you burn DVDs from almost any video with a click, but it allows you to add titles and menus as well as themes, watermark etc. More video editing tools like cropping etc are provided here, so you can also make eye-catching DVD slideshows with photos and music. Now, let me teach you how to burn DVDs with this great iDVD equivalent for Mountain Lion.

Download Mac Version

1 Import videos to this iDVD Mountain Lion alternative

After running it, you just choose the “Create a new project”. In its main interface, you can click "+" button to import your wanted videos. Or directly drag the videos to import to this program. In the right pane of this app, you can click the "↑" and "↓" buttons to rearrange them if need. Also, you can merge some videos by dragging them together to another. To separate them, just drag one video out of the pane to make the blue item bar appear.

 idvd mountain lion

2 Edit video files (Optional)

Highlight a video and hit “Edit”. After that, you have chance to crop, split, trim, rotate video and add watermark, cool effects etc. When it’s done, you can view the effect in the right preview window in real time.

 idvd for mountain lion alternative

3 Choose DVD menu for your DVD (Optional)

This smart iDVD Mountain Lion provides you more than 90 sets of free animated and static DVD menu styles. Just click "Menu" button to select your favorite menu style for your DVD.

 idvd for mountain lion equivalent

4 Start to burn DVD

In this step, you need to preview your DVD project first. If you’re satisfied with it, just insert into a blank DVD and then click "Burn" to start DVD burning.

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