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How to Download Google Music to iTunes

Google Music is an iTunes Killer? Since you're here, it seems that iTunes is a Google Music killer, instead. Whatever it is, now that you want to download Google Music or any online music to iTunes, here are two solutions to download Google Music or any online music to iTunes.

Update: Google Music Manager now allows you to download your entire library to computer. Make sure you've installed the latest Google Music Manager. Open it and go to Download tab, you'll see Download my library option there.

Method 1: Download Any Music to iTunes using a program

Now check easy steps to download any online music to iTunes by using  Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder, of course including Google Music.

Step1: Download Any Music to iTunes

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is an audio recorder and downloader with 1:1 quality. It will record all your playing music and split into separate music files intelligently. Song identification is also available so that the detailed song information will be attached to the recorded songs.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Streaming Audio Recorder is extremely easy to use. Just hit record and go to play Google Music. That is it. See more detailed guide if necessary.

Google Music to iTunes

Step 2: Transfer Music to iTunes

As the above picture illustrated, by checking the "Add to iTunes" button at the button, you can transfer selected music to iTunes, and easily listen to it from the playlist called "SAR". To choose multiple Google Music, hold down Ctrl or Shift key while clicking song tiles.

Alternatively, open iTunes, go to File > Add Folder to Library, and locate the folder you stored the recorded songs. The default folder is "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\My Documents\My Music\Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder\"

Method 2: Download Google Music to iTunes from Browser

As regarding to the Google songs in your Google Music account, it's much easier to download them to iTunes, even without installing anything (method 1). Firstly, download Google music to computer in your favorite method, and then follow the above described methods to transfer Google songs to iTunes.

Note that you'll be asked by Google Music for credit card information even to get free Google songs, so buying songs next time is convenient.

Step 1: Save purchased Google Music from web browser

save google music to computer

By this way, you have to download songs one by one. Plus, you are only allowed to download songs to iTunes for 2 times. However, this limit doesn't apply when you use Google Music Manager, described below. To download music on Google desktop site, click the triangle menu button, and select "Save to computer" from PURCHASED OPTIONS category.

Step 2: Save purchased Google Music with Music Manager

Google Music Manager helps you download songs to iTunes in batch and without times limit. But there is one drawback: You can't select which song to download. Instead, you have to download all purchased Google Music. The option to download only new songs after last download is helpful only in some cases. After downloaded, manually add Google Music to iTunes by File > Add Files to Library. To download one of large number of Google music, Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is still an good option. 

Note: the "Save to Computer" option also appears in the Desktop site view on iPhone, iPod and iPad. But as to my own experience, I can't directly save the purchased Google Music, probably because the download link is script-based, but isn't supported by Apple's iOS.

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Hi, Sandra, you can first sync your iPod music to your iTunes, and then use this video converter to decode these files to Nexus 7 supported audio format. The conversion process is very simple, all you need to do is add your files, choose "Nexus 7" preset as the output format, and then hit Convert to finish the conversion. Have a try! Best regards,
how do I get all the music from my ipod to a Nexus 7 i got for Christmas.
As my own experience, it directly downloads MP3 on Mac and Windows. In your case, you need a Zip extractor to extract the MP3 files.
I'm having issues that this article didn't seem to resolve. From my online google music's account I went through the process of downloading an album I just purchased. It downloads a .zip file that my iOS doesn't seem to know how to handle and music manager can't see this file as an option for opening.


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