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How to Fix ID3 Tags Effectively

Missing ID3 information for music is driving you crazy? Don't scratch your head any more and find in this article a smart tool to fix ID3 and also a detailed tutorial. First let's figure out what is ID3 tag exactly.

What is ID3 tag?

ID3 tag, often referred to metadata, is extra track data embedded to audio files. The information includes the track's name, artist, album and more. There are two versions: ID3v1 tags and ID3v2 tags, while the latter version can support adding more information including album art.

A smart tool recommended

There are many applications dedicated to provide ID3 tag fixing service on the market. None of those, however, rivals a whole package as Wondershare TunesGo for Mac (Wondershare TunesGo). It automatically fixes ID3 tag for all of your songs and even finds lyrics for them. What's more, its neatly designed window will also be an eye-candy for great visual experience.

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

A tutorial in three easy steps

You may be wondering how to use this smart ID3 fixer. Don't worry. Follow the detailed tutorial below to start the work.

Step 1 Just add in all the music

After you have installed the program, activate or start it and it will automatically perform scanning for your iTunes library, thereby filling your file tray with all tunes.

 fix id3

The above does not apply to local folders holding your tunes. This has to be manually imported by simply clicking on the icon for TunesGo to your left, then directly drag the specific music folder onto the file tray.

Step 2  Begin Fixing ID3 tags

To begin the ID3 fixing procedure, simply click the button saying Identify after you have chosen a single tune. (Note that the button will switch to Identify Selected if you chose more than one tune). In the course of the procedure, you will be happy to note that other features will be searched by the system. These include album or track details, album arts, and song lyrics whenever possible.

add artwork to mp3

Note: If you wish to ID3 tag your tunes by group, simply click the button saying Scan found in the header. Any songs that are duplicated will be known as well.

Then you need to add the ID3 tag to music. Highlight one exact song and click the Apply button on the bottom right. And it's done.

Step 3 Change information about the track as you wish (optional)

There may be times when you feel like changing, adding, deleting, or simply customizing the information to the tunes. Examples of these may include adding an important message or replacing the photo of the artist to a specific selection. No worries. Simply click the icon for Edit found below and change the information for the track your way.

add artwork to mp3

Now it doesn’t get any easier than that, right? And as if that is not already enough, you can also hear your preferred tunes as this program has an added function of a music player. I bet this has also made you fully satisfied with your tunes library. It’s a complete package that shouldn’t be missed, or you will be missing on a very good deal and an A-list product at that! Get it and begin your exceptional music experience right now!

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

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