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How to Download Videos in an Easy Way

There are many video websites allowing people to watch videos online. But you may be reluctant to be restricted just sitting before a computer. You also want to take the videos to go with you to your living room or even a gym. Yes, you need to copy the online videos off the website to fill into your portable devices. But you find that your seemly simple desire cannot be achieved easily after searching on the internet for solutions to download videos. Please no sweat at all, you are the lucky one to find an easy video downloader here—Wondershare AllMyTube (AllMyTube for Mac). This tool can help you download videos from almost all the popular streaming video websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, metacafe etc. in a click. Want to see how it's possible? Let's move on.

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Download the program according to your own computer system. We will take the windows version for an example. Install it and open it to find a simple interface convenient to operate. Detailed tutorial on how to use this tool to help download videos easily will be discussed below.

1 Go to the video websites to find videos you like

Type YouTube.com, for example, in the address bar of the browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome). And quickly navigate to find your favorite videos. Open the videos to play.

2 Download videos in a click

The video starts playing and you can find a Download button on the upper right of the video screen when pointing the mouse there. That's it. Just click the button and the program can help download the video right away.

easy video downloader

Is this easy enough? You can find an easier way below. Just copy the url of the video and go to the program to click Paste Url button. You don't even need to open the video to play while wasting time waiting for its loading. What's best with this program is that it can work in the background and allows you to download 5-10 videos simultaneously.

easy video download

Keep searching for other videos and paste the url or click download button to download. This program can have 5-10 videos by setting to be downloaded at the same time.

3 Convert videos to portable devices (optional)

While keeping videos on the computer, you may also want to watch them on your portable devices. This program again enables you to easily convert videos to any common format in a click too. Find the video item in the Downloaded category and click Convert button on the right. Then select a format or just a portable device like iPhone 5 as the output format. Click OK, then you will get the converted video in a minute.

easy video downloader free

This easy video downloader can do more like playing all kinds of videos by double-clicking and managing the videos on your computer. Can't wait to have a try? Just download it and start the magical video experience right now.

Download Win Version  online video downloader

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