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How to Download Ustream Videos in One Click

Ustream is a live streaming video website where you can watch Live streaming Videos, online events, etc. Chances are you want to download Ustream videos for viewing offline to preserve for later. Since there's no download service provided directly on their website, you need adopt a reliable Ustream downloader to do this.

Here, I directly recommend Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac (AllMyTube), which lets you download Ustream videos effortlessly. With only a few clicks, you can download any of your favorite Ustream videos in high video quality. And the download speed is surprisingly fast.

Note: AllMyTube and AllMyTube for Mac don't support downloading Ustream videos right now. But we are struggling to get it work again. Sorry for causing the inconvenience and please search on Google for other solutions for help.

What’s more, the conversion feature enables you to enjoy live video on your mobile phone or  tablets anytime and anywhere. Try wondershare Ustream downloader for free now. 

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

When you have this program installed, go through below step by step guide based in Mac OS X.  To download Ustream videos in Windows also takes the same steps.

1 Go to www.ustream.tv

After you run this great Ustream downloader, go to www.ustream.tv in your browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Note: If you didn't close the browser during the installing process, you need to re-launch your browser because the browser plug-ins will be updated. Then, search for your favorite Ustream videos.

2 Download Ustream video in one click

On the site page, move your mouse over the upper right hand corner of the video you want to download, so you can see a floating “Download” icon there. To download videos from Ustream, you just need to click the Download icon.

 Ustream video downloader

Instantly, you can see the download progress bar in this app’s download list. You don’t need to stay in this page. Just continue to browse the site to find other videos you want to download. This app is able to download multiple videos at a time with very fast speed.

 download videos from ustream

Since you've successfully downloaded the Ustream videos to the computer, you can watch them offline. And if you want to play them on your portable device like iPhone for entertainment on the go, you need to convert Ustream videos to a compatible video format directly in this app. It ‘s shown as Step 3.

3 Convert downloaded Ustream video to other formats or devices (Optional)

In this program’s “Downloaded” library, hit the “Convert” beside the video item, and then choose any format or device you want in the output format window. For example, if you want to put it to iPhone 5, you just go to “Apple” category > “iPhone 5” and then click “Ok” to convert file. When it’s done, just import the converted file to iTunes and then sync it to your device.

 ustream downloader mac

Downloading Ustream video tips: 

1. There's one-click solution to let you download and automatically convert Ustream video to your desired format. What you need to do is just to switch on the “Download then Convert” option located on top-right corner of its interface before you start to download videos.

2. If you have a lot of FLV/MP4/WebM/Html5 videos saved on your Mac, you can manage these videos all together with Wondershare video downloader. To do this, go to the "Downloaded" library, then right click any empty space and select "Import" to add all flash videos on your Mac's hard drive. Double click the video, you can enjoy them with its built-in media player in full screen. 

Download Mac Version Download Win Version

Watch the video tutorial below:

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Hi, very sorry about that, currently ustream website has a little problem, our working team are now working on this issue, please kindly try and update your program in 2 weeks.
Hello, I am experiencing a problem with AllMyTube. I used to download from Ustream before with no problem, but since around November of last year it simply doesnt work anymore. It fails every time! Any special advice?
Hi Erica, this software can download Ustream videos. Just go ahead to have try.
does it matter that the video being downloaded in the instructions is not ustream but youtube??
Hi there Thanks for your post. I have forwarded your problem to our technical support team on your behalf. Someone from our team will get in touch with you regarding the problem in 24hrs.
I've been trying for hours to download this video, and it keeps "analyzing" it without further action http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31902237 Please help!!! My email is mochuelopr@gmail.com just in case :(
Hi Flaren, thanks for using our software. The Download button will dispear due to the reasons below. 1. The Internet browser is not supported by the program. Please use IE,Foxfire or Chrome. 2. The plug-in is not installed successfully. Please click Main menu>Preferences >Download , then click Repair button besides to the video Downloading Plug-in. If the case still exists, please contact us with the details of your Internet browser( including its version) and a link for the online video. Here is our support team page: http://support.wondershare.com/contact-support/contact-support-team1.html
It doesn't work! The floating “Download” icon doesn't appear and if I copy-and-past the url it says: "Impossibile rilevare info video" (I'm italian so I imposted the language italian). I'm trying to download from USTREAM. What's the problem?


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