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How to Download Grooveshark Music

Grooveshark is a popular online music streaming website and music search engine, allowing their users to stream, search for and upload music for free that can be played or added to a playlist instantly. And it has millions of loyal fans.

But there is only one catch. You don't have the right to download songs from Grooveshark free of charge. If you want to listen to Grooveshark music offline or download Grooveshark music to your computer for other uses, such as playing it in your car stereo or listening to it on your iPod, you have to pay 99 cents per download.

To overcome this restriction, you're recommended a smart Grooveshark music recorder — Streaming Audio Recorder, which allows you to download music off Grooveshark playlist to your computer with ease and efficiency.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 Install and run this smart Grooveshark music recorder

If you haven't already installed this Streaming Audio Recorder, you can lick the above download link to gain it. After that, just hit the .exe file to install it. Then launch this app to enter its main interface.

2 Start to record Grooveshark Music

In order to ensure that the Grooveshark Music can be completely recorded, first, you need to press the "Record" button in this app's main menu. Find and play the one Grooveshark song you want to record.

download music from Grooveshark

Look, this smart Grooveshark music recorder is starting to record the Grooveshark song! Cool, isn't it? When the recording is over, a prompt will be shown to tell you that the Grooveshark song is already recorded successfully. If you want to stop recording by yourself, just hit the "Record" button again.

3 Transfer Grooveshark Music to iTunes

It's done! In this Streaming Audio Recorder's Library, you can find the recorded tracks here. If you want to play Grooveshark in iTunes or sync to Apple devices, just click the "Add to iTunes" button on the bottom. Then you can sync the music to your Apple devices using iTunes with ease

download MOG music

After recording, this app allows you to do more:

a) Create your personalized ringtones. You can hit the "ringtone" icon to personalize ringtone.

b) Share music to Facebook or Twitter. Want to share the tracks with your friends on Facebook or Twitter? If so, just click the social networking icon in the library.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Check the following video tutorial to see how to download Grooveshark music.

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You need a registration code to get this program upgraded and then you can download as many songs as possible from Grooveshark and also other websites.
What do you use for a registration code?
Hello Joe, sorry for the late reply. Are you using the Mac version? It doesn't have an Add to iTunes button. But you can select the songs and press Control key at the same time, then choose Show in folder to locate where the songs are stored on your computer then import to iTunes library by yourself.
where is the add to itunes button? Do I have to order a license to use this feature?
Hi, Msadiva, thanks for your question. I'm afraid that currently we don't have a Android version, but I'll forward your concern to our develop team for future development plan. Thanks again. Best regards,
How about a version for Android phones?