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How to Download Music from Music Unlimited

Music Unlimited, as the name suggests, is a music service meant to provide as much music as you need. It is bountiful in music sources with a ton of songs, playlists and channels to choose. Ad-free is what’s worth noting here. What’s more, offline playback is available in your Android or iOS phones.

But here comes an issue, your phones may get stuck there with downloaded songs or playlists taking up most of the space. So it will be a good idea to download music from Music Unlimited to your computer where space is much larger. Then transfer to your devices to listen on the go, create ringtones or even burn onto a CD.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is what you need here to help. It is a desk program dedicated to download all Music Unlimited music free without quality loss. Whenever there is sound from your computer, It can detect and record it directly from the sound card in your computer. Then you can transfer the music to iTunes and create ringtones with a few clicks. Let’s check how to use it as below.

1 Install Music Unlimited downloader

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Before start, you need to download this program and get it installed. There are two versions working in the same manner. So the windows version will be taken as an example in the following paragraphs.

Open the program after installation and click the Record button on the right. Then you are ready.

2 Download music from Music Unlimited

Go to music.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com to listen to music from this site. When there is sound, there will be the downloader starting to record it.

Make sure the internet is going well, then you can record as many tracks as possible. The songs will be fully split up by the program according to the silence time between.

music unlimited download

3 Transfer to iTunes

Then it’s time to transfer music to your devices. Via iTunes, you can sync to any iDevices. Select music in the Library and click Add to iTunes button. Or you can right-click the songs and select Add to iTunes library. Then iTunes will launch itself to show all the music in the SAR playlist. Very easy, isn’t it?

download music unlimited

By the way, to create ringtones, you only need to click the bell icon and select a part in the prompting bitmap to save. And iTunes can be a free CD burner to make the most of. So start from now to enjoy a great music experience.


Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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