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How to Download Music from Spotify

Spotify is one of the best online music streaming services I've ever used. This service provides a free account to allow you stream varieties of music online. But if you want to download Spotify music for offline listening or use, you may need to do some searches on Google or somewhere else to find a reliable tool. Fortunately, here, I directly introduce an easy-to-use and efficient Spotify music recorder to you—TunesGo.

Wondershare TunesGo

better music organizer than itunes

  • Record any audio via your computer sound card without quality loss
  • Save Spotify music in MP3 format after recording.
  • Transfer Spotify music to iTunes with a simple click.

How to Use Wondershare TunesGo to Download Spotify Music

Following is an easy instructional showing you how to download Spotify tunes through this Spotify music recorder that is simply smart.

Step 1 Use TunesGo by downloading, installing and launching it

If still do not have the TunesGo, you can get it by using the above download link. Launch said application from successfully installing it in your computer. The software currently has two versions, but we will use the Windows version to illustrate the following example.

Step 2 Start Spotify download

Simply press the button saying Recorder in the main menu of this application.

Next, select a single Spotify tune for recording and play it. You will automatically view that the application has begun to record the chosen tune. You will also automatically gain an MP3 file in its library once the recording procedure is done.

Note: To guarantee that the MP3 file garners a complete recording of your Spotify tunes, it is a must that the Spotify tunes are playing smoothly while they are being recorded.

Step 3 Transferring to iTunes is but a click away

Simply choose the Spotify tune/s you wish to be transferred over to iTunes. Next, look to the bottom of the Library window, and click the button saying Add to iTunes. You can now see your selections in the TunesGo playlist on iTunes. You likewise have the option to right-click the said selections then click Add to iTunes Library which will perform the function in similar fashion.

Note: For those with Mac computers, what you have to do is simultaneously press the key for Control on your keyboard and click the Spotify tune. Next, locate the storage of the tune by going for the pop-up menu and choosing Show in a folder. The next and final step is choosing “File” then “Add to Library”. This is how you import Spotify songs to iTunes using a Mac system.

How to Download Music from Spotify

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please try this: Win Version: please adjust Auto split smaller(about 100) in Setting Mac Version: please adjust Auto split smaller(about 100) in Preference
Please reinstall your Virtual Sound Card
Please reinstall your Virtual Sound Card.
I'm using the latest version of wondershare player and spotify windows application. I have setup to automatically split songs. But the splitting is not working. All songs are recorded into one file. Can you advise.
I'm having issues with the latest spotify and Wondershare. Basically if i try to record, Spotify sounds metallic when playing the song. I'm on Windows 7
I did try downloading the latest version of Wondershare you posted and its still saying Add Failure. ~Nadine
Hi, I was able to get all my songs onto Wondershare, but when trying to send to iTunes, it says Add Failure and on the iTunes screen it says to modify the smart playlist rules for the Recently Added list. I'm not sure what the "rules" should be. Very appreciative if you can help!
It is suggested to contact Wondershare Customer Service at suppport@wonderhshare.com for help.
Hi, I have purchased Wondershare,but it doesn't work, the program does not recognize the music from Spotify.I use the version for Mac,I use Yosemite.
Hi, I have downloaded Wondershare,but it doesn't work, the program does not recognize the music from Spotify.