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How to Download Music from Spotify

Spotify is one of the best online music streaming services I've ever used. This service provides a free account to allow you stream varieties of music online. But if you want to download Spotify music for offline listening or use, you may need to do some searches on Google or somewhere else to find a reliable tool. Fortunately, here, I directly introduce an easy-to-use and efficient Spotify music recorder to you—Streaming Audio Recorder. It has the following advantages:

  • 1. Record any audio via your computer sound card without quality loss
  • 2. Save Spotify music in MP3 format after recording.
  • 3. Transfer Spotify music to iTunes with a simple click.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through how to download Spotify songs by using this smart Spotify music recorder.

Step 1: Download, install and launch this smart Streaming Audio Recorder.

Download win versionDownload mac version

Before recording, make sure you've had the Streaming Audio Recorder installed. If not, you can gain it by clicking the above download link. After installation, launch this app. There are two versions of the software and we will take the windows version as an example below.

Step 2: Start Spotify download

Press the "Record" button in this app's main menu, find one Spotify song you want to record, and then play it. Immediately, you'll see this app is starting to record the Spotify music. Once the recording is over, you can get a MP3 file in its library.

Note: In order to ensure the Spotify music can be completely recorded into one MP3 file, the key step is to make the Spotify music play smoothly during recording.

download spotify music

Step 3: Transfer to iTunes with a click (optional)

Select the Spotify music you want to transfer to iTunes, then click the Add to iTunes button on the bottom of the Library window. After that the music can be found in the SAR playlist on iTunes. You can also right-click the music and select Add to iTunes Library which fulfill the purpose in the same manner.

Note: For Mac version, you need to press the Control key on the keyboard and click the Spotify music at the same time, then select Show in a folder from the pop-up menu to locate where the music is stored. After that, go to iTunes to choose “File”>”Add to Library”. In that way, you can import Spotify music to iTunes.

record spotify songs

Check the step-by-step video tutorial as below:

This program also enables you to make ring tones and edit the information about Spotify songs. Can’t wait to have a try? Go ahead and get started now.

Download win versionDownload mac version

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

This is the first time I've ever legally bought software before. Well worth it. Going to rip my whole Spotify libary :P
Hi Emma, i have forwarded your problem to our technical support team. Someone from there will reach for you in 24hrs.
Hi Christine, I can't get Wondershare to detect that I am playing music from Spotify. It says that it is ready to record, but doesn't actually record anything? Ideas?
Hi Christine, The technical support team contacted me today, and the problem is already resolved. Thank you so much for your help! This is what I call a quick and excellent service!!! Thx!
Hi Frank, i have forwarded your problem to our technical support team, someone will reach you within 24hrs. Before, you can try to uninstall this program and then install it again.
Hi Christine, It doesn't work anymore to record music from Spotify with Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder. If I launch Spotify without opening Wondershare, it plays perfectly. But if I open Wondershare, Spotify immediately stops playing... So recording isn't possible anymore. Do you think Wondershare can do something about this? Thank you!
Hi Samoyed, thanks for your interest in our software, you can check here to see the introduction of the product and also the price.
how much is this after the free trail ?
Hi Anders, normally, when you choose 256 kbps, the output M4A file will be in this quality. For your case, it may be because of the music itself since the software captures songs depending on the music complexity. You can try this software on other songs to check whether it works when saving in 256 kbps. Thanks.
Why does the software capture songs in M4A 128 kbps when i choose to save in 256 kbps?