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How to Download Music from MOG to MP3

MOG, a paid subscription-based online music service, offers users tons of music to listen to. But unfortunately, you only access to MOG songs on their computer through their web browser. It means that if you don't connect the internet and don't continue to pay for the subscription, you'll fail to listen to the paid MOG music or other online streaming music.

Fortunately, Streaming Audio Recorder is a great audio recorder, which allows you to download music from popular social music websites like MOG and save MOG music in MP3 format. Once you successfully download MOG to MP3 on your computer, you don't need to access to your favorite MOG music via network every time. You can fully enjoy them offline or other MP3 media players like the car stereo. What's more, after MOG MP3 conversion in this way, you can legally own these paid MOG songs forever at the least cost.

This app works very simply and efficiently. If you'd like to convert MOG to iTunes for collection or other uses, such as MOG music sync to Apple devices, this app also gives you the ability to do this job effortlessly. Just follow the below tutorial step by step.

1 Install and run this smart MOG to MP3 converter

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Before recording, you need to download and install this app. After that, double click the desk icon to launch it.

2 Start to download MOG music and save it in MP3

To finish the job, it's very easy. Just press the "Record" button on the upper-left corner of its main interface, then find and play one of your wanted MOG songs online. It's ok. When the playing of MOG music is over, the recording will automatically stop. Or you can also stop the recording process by hitting the "Record" button again.

 MOG to MP3

Note: In order to ensure the recording quality, you must make sure two things during recording. One is to make the MOG song play smoothly so that you can record the MOG music into one MP3 file. The other is there will be no other audio through your computer sound card except the MOG song.

3 Convert MOG to iTunes (Optional)

If you want to continue to import the recorded MOG music to iTunes, you can go to this app's library, highlight the MOG song, and then click the "Add to iTunes" button in the bottom of the main interface. After a while, your iTunes will automatically launch with your MOG music in its "SAR" playlist.

download MOG music

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Here is a video tutorial for your reference:

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Sorry Paul, i have no ideas about how to solve your problem.
Hello Christine, i see this is an old thread but having recently moved to a remote part of Tasmania, I now have to use satellite broadband. As a MOG subscriber it is no longer possible to stream music because of slow speeds. I have the MOG app on my android phone which enables me to play back music off line. I was hoping to use my SONOS app on my phone to steam music off line throughout my house but this does not work. i have contacted MOG and SONOS but to no avail. Your converter will not work in my case as I cannot playback smoothly. Do you have any suggestions. Cheers Paul
sorry, do i understand this correctly. i have to listen or drag each song individually into this program and wait for the song to be played before i can move on to the next song or can i drag all of my music i have already downloaded from MOG at once?
Hello there, as long as you don't redistribute the songs recorded, it is absolutely legal to use this program.
is this legal to use?
Hello Rubiar, this problem never happen to other users. You may try playing the music on other portable devices to see whether the files are destroyed.
For some reason my new ipod just stopped playing all the mog songs that I was listening to earlier on ???
streaming music subscription services are NOT like itunes; artists do not receive the same royalties from subscription music and mp3s copied from them should not be considered the same as purchased music. be sure to support your favorite artists by buying their music (cd, mp3, etc) if you play them repeatedly. otherwise, they may not be around for very long.
Gyi Tsakalakis
Great tool, it not only works for the MOG, but also for Spotify, that’s terrific.
This audio recorder is extremely easy to handle, now I can enjoy my favorite music offline.