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How to Download Free Songs from Google Music

In case you missed it, Google have launched its cloud music service in November 16, 2011. Google Music comes with a huge cloud-based locker for up to 20000 songs. You could upload your own music, purchase music from Android Market, and most important enjoy tons of free music on Google Music. This article will share some tips on finding and downloading free music from Google Music.

Get Free Google Music Songs

As long as you login Google Music with your Google account and password, you are suggested to upload your own music from computer, shop new music, or simply browser free music on Google Music.

free google music

When you have got some uploaded or purchased songs on Google Music, the easy-to-find "Browser free songs" button will be moved to the top menu as below:

google music free

How to Download Free Google Music

You need to firstly "purchase" free songs from Android Market to add them to your Google Music library by filling in your credit card information - no money will be paid, of course. Then you could download it from Google Music to your computer.

save google music to computer

Note that there are 2 times download limit to download free Google Music from web browser. To download unlimited Google Music songs, you need Music Manager by Google. The worse is that you will need to know how to download your uploaded music if you have lost your music collection on computer. Google Music only provides download service for purchased songs.

2 Ways to Share Free Google Music

One important factor to convince people to use Google Music is the benefit that you can easily share music with your friends in the Google+ circle.

share in google

As you could see, the share feature is only available for purchased songs on Google Music. After downloaded, Google Music could also be import to iTunes for management. Situation is different on Android Market. There you can share any music - free or paid, to your Google+ circles. Usually, you will visit Android Market by choosing the "Shop this artist" from the triangle menu, or "Free songs" from top menu.

share google music

The difference of these 2 ways of Google music sharing is that of "LISTEN ONCE FOR FREE" and "LISTEN TO PREVIEW". The former is a full-play for only once, while the latter is a Google Music sample that varies from 30 to 1:30 in time. The former will turn to the latter after the songs are heard for once. If you want to keep the music, buy it or record it with audio recorder with a program--Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

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