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How to Download Music from Beatport

Beatport offers a big playground for electronic music lovers to find their favorite tunes. If you want to download these tracks, Beatport kind of provides an easy way. After you get registered on its website and purchase the music at a price of about 1 or 2 dollars, there will be a download link for you to click near the songs in the Download Library. And the songs are not DRM-restricted, which means you can play them on unlimited devices and burn onto CDs as many times as you like.

But it may cost a fortune if you want to download a lot of songs on the website. Here is a little trick to help you download Beatport and save money. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is a program enabling you to record any sound coming from your computer. As long as you play Beatport music, this program can record the tunes and save to your computer. In that way, you can free download Beatport and also get the music well managed. Let’s see the simple steps one by one below.

1 Install Beatport downloader

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Choose one version of the program above to install on your computer. Then run it and you will find a customer-friendly window for your easy use.

2 Download Beatport music

First click the Record button on the top left. Then go to beatport.com to play the exciting DJ music. As soon as there is sound from your computer, the program will start Beatport download.

Ensure a good internet and keep playing the whole Beatport playlist, then you can get all the music and they will be split into separate songs according to the silence interval between.

beatport download

3 Transfer Beatport to iTunes

Go to Library to find the recorded songs. Highlight the songs you want to transfer and click Add to iTunes button. A window will prompt you to notice that the songs will be displayed in the SAR playlist on iTunes.

free download beatport

This program also enables you to create ringtones out of the downloaded Beatport music. You can create playlists on the program so as to categorize all the music and play them on a computer.

What’s worth mentioning is that the program can identify basic information about the songs like artist, album and more. If you want to customize the information yourself, just right-click the song and select View Detail. Then insert any information you like in the right column.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Let's watch the video tutorial below:

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uh....but you can't play full songs on Beatport, only samples....duh