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How to Convert MP4 to The New iPhone 5

" I converted a dvd to mp4 file but now itunes wont import it and I can't move it to my new iphone 5? Any ideas on this last step?"


MP4 is the right format for iTunes software program and iPhone 5. However, not all MP4 files are created equal. They differ in video resolution, audio codec and video codec etc. Only specific video compression and resolution etc in MP4 files can be imported to iTunes and play very well on the new iPhone 5. So if you come across some MP4 files that fail to play on iPhone 5, you need to recode MP4 video files to iPhone 5.

Wondershare Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ) make it very easy to convert MP4 to iPhone 5 completely compatible video format. You don’t even need to learn anything about iPhone 5 supported video formats and basic video properties like resolution, frame rate, bit rate etc. Just directly select the optimized output format for iPhone 5 in this app to convert your MP4 files for smooth playback on the device. Just follow the guide below step by step.

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1 Load MP4 files to this MP4 to iPhone 5 converter

After you download and install this app, just click the desk icon to launch it. And then open the folder where your MP4 files are stored, select the files you want to convert, directly drag them to this program for video conversion. Or in the “Convert” interface of this app, click the “Add Files” menu to import your target files.

 MP4 to iPhone 5 conversion

2 Choose a directly-optimized format for iPhone 5

In this step, you need to select the directly-optimized format for iPhone 5 from this app’s output format window. On the right side of the main interface, there is “Output Format” tab. Just click the button below the tab, and then go to “Device”> “Apple”>“iPhone 5”.

 AVI video to iPhone 5

3 Covnert MP4 to iPhone 5

Press the "Convert" button in the lower-right corner of this Video Converter . Now, you have launched this app to start converting MP4 videos for iPhone 5. When it’s done, just click the “Open” button on the main interface to find the output files. Of course, you can manually change the output file path by clicking the “Output Folder” drop-down list.

Run iTunes and then import the output files to your iTunes library. You’ll find these originally-unsupported MP4 files can be successfully imported to iTunes now. When it’s done, just sync them to iPhone 5 for enjoyment.

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Please watch the video tutorial.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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