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How Do I Convert An AVI to MPEG4?

The AVI file type (only a container and not a FINAL video format) is by far the oldest used container till today. Video files that are named under the .avi extension are still very popular. However, the file type might not be imported or playable on portable devices such as your smartphone or tablet. Hence, there is such need to convert an AVI to MPEG4. In general, an AVI video file can be played on mostly Windows-based application or well-suited for large screen.

In terms of quality, the AVI video files tend to have the upper hand over an MPEG4. That is also why an AVI video file sizes are normally larger than the MPEG4. Having said that, an MPEG4 video file are commonly used for playback on smaller screens; therefore, the quality of video after compression is not a huge concern. If you ever try to compress (convert both containers as well as codec) an AVI video file to the exact same file size as the MPEG4, then you might notice that the quality is not as good. Still, there would be times where we don’t know if we need to convert only the AVI container to an MPEG4 or inclusive of the codec. This is possibly why the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate could help.

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Why an MPEG4 over AVI?

The MPEG4 is not only a container but it also contains the final output, hence considered as the final video format. It is the more preferred file format for transferring to/from portable devices from our computers. It is also worth mentioning that the MPEG4 video quality might not be the best or recommended file type for playback on large screens such as TVs because the smaller file size would equally mean lower settings in parallel.

Note: Remember that it’s only a container, actual quality and compressed file size depends on the codec and other settings

How do I convert an AVI to MPEG4?

Due to the limited storage space and compatibility (supported by both iOS and Android tablets as well as smartphone) issues on the portable devices; we would have to convert the AVI files to MPEG4. But this file conversion process is not as tedious or time consuming as you would originally thought.

1 Load the AVI files (Editing is optional)

Why would you want to convert it one by one when you can do it altogether in batches? Simply highlight all the video files that you need converted into the screen. If you need to edit your videos before converting, there’s an Edit button for your convenience.

burn copy multiplexed files

2 Convert the AVI files to MPEG4

burn copy multiplexed files

Converting your AVI files to an MPEG4 is surely the easiest way to share your video files around.

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