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AVCHD Player: How to Play AVCHD Files

An AVCHD file is a high-definition video format that's widely used on digital camcorders. If you have troubles in playing back the AVCHD files on your computer, you can try a professional AVCHD player. You can also convert your AVCHD files so it's compatible for your PC or built-in media player. Simply read through for more information below.

Part 1: How to Convert AVCHD Files

An AVCHD file is not an easy or straightforward file type to meddle with. You can only watch it on the computer with a media player, but can't really edit or do anything with it. For example, you can't edit it in some common editing tools like Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro or iMovie. On top of that, it's impossible for you to import the files onto iTunes for management or  for syncing with the iDevices. The best solution is, therefore, to convert the AVCHD files for more flexibility.

To convert an AVCHD file for playback with any player or for further editing purposes, the Wondershare Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) is an extremely helpful tool. It supports almost all of the popular file types in its lists of output format. With it, you can convert the AVCHD files to any video format that you'll prefer. The detailed steps are as follow:

1. Download, install and launch this program.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Drag-and-drop the AVCHD files directly from your local directories onto the interface and then click on Output Format for more choices from the drop-down menu. There's also optimized presets built-in for your convenience. 

3. Once completed, hit the Convert button to convert your AVCHD files.

 avchd player mac

Please watch the video tutorial.

Part 2: How to Play AVCHD Files with AVCHD Players

If you prefer to try out a more versatile media player to playback your AVCHD files in a Windows or Mac operating PC, please read on and try some of the powerful AVCHD players below.

On a Windows Pc, the latest version of Window Media Player (WMP) will be able to support the playback of the AVCHD files naturally. If your WMP fails to playback the AVCHD files, please update your WMP to the latest version. Alternatively, select or download the highly-recommended AVCHD player in the article.

 windows media player

It's not an easy task in trying to playback an AVCHD file on the Mac-based computers. The built-in QuickTime player does not support the AVCHD file format natively, unless there's a video converter package installed. On top of that, it's also difficult to find the proper codec plug-ins to support the incompatible codecs in the AVCHD file. Hence,  I'll advice the Mac users to resort to other alternatives AVCHD players.


The Wondershare Player is an extremely powerful and versatile media player. In addition to it's broad file format supports, it's also FREE to download! Other than a smooth playback of your AVCHD files, it also provides additional features such as the subtitle and sound tracker support, snapshot, playlist creation and etc. You can download and install the player right here. 

 wondershare player

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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Hi, Bob, maybe you have problem to transfer your camcorder clips onto the computer. Please kindly refer to this tutorial. Best regards.
It will not see what the what is on my sd card so I cannot drag and drop
Thank you thank you thank you!!! You made it so easy and simple for me, i was getting so confused by others' technical mumbo jumbo blogs and discussions :P Amazing help xoxoxo
Thank you thank you thank you!!! You made it so easy and simple for me, i was getting so confused by others' technical mumbo jumbo blogs and discussions :P Amazing help xoxoxo