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Video and Audio Tips

Video and Audio Tips

Is your computer packed or overflowed with a huge collection of videos and music? Here is your best source to discover great tips and tricks to enhance your video & audio experience. Just take them to anywhere you want it.

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Play Videos on iDevices

Can't play AVI, MKV, WMV videos on your iPhone, iPad? Here is the solution! You can just convert videos to the format supported by your devices.

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When people try to import MOV to iDVD for burning a new DVD, there are always all kinds of problems. Here, you can easily burn a DVD with a great effect.
How to Import MKV to iDVD for Burning
When you try to import MKV to iDVD to burn a DVD, you'll find iDVD can’t recognize MKV format. You need to convert MKV to iDVD compatible formats first.
How to Convert Spotify to MP3
If you need to convert Spotify to MP3 so that you can listen to them offline, even burn into CDs for collection, Streaming Audio Recorder is good for you.
How to Play AVI on Xbox One
Sometimes, you’ll encounter some AVI files that can't be played on Xbox One. You need to convert these AVI videos to Xbox One fully-supported format files.
How to Play MP4 files on Android Phones
This tutorial shows how to convert MP4 to Android-friendly format quickly and easily using Wondershare Video Converter.
Can't play Movies on Apple TV
Can’t play some movies on Apple TV? Converting any movie to Apple TV and then enjoying yourself is so easy thing in this article here.
How to Separate Audio from Video
A quick guide on how to separate audio from video, so that you can make your own MP3s to enjoy on the go, or add another audio file to the original video frame.
How to Extract Audio from YouTube Effortlessly
Encountering problems when trying to extract audio from YouTube? Don’t worry anymore. Find a good solution in this article and also a guide on how to use it.
How to Download BBC Radio to iPod via iTunes
Wanna download BBC radio shows? I know an easy way to do that and here I am going to share it with you.
How to Convert DivX/Xvid to DVD
Whatever it's DivX video or Xvid video, you can convert DivX/Xvid to DVD with all-in-one DVD burner to play with home DVD player. Both DivX/Xvid to DVD Mac or Windows version is av
How to Convert and Burn MKV to DVD in Mac/Win (Windows 8 included)
Want to play MKV videos on your large screen TV with dvd player hooked up? Just try Wondershare MKV to DVD Creator: efficient and easy to use DVD burning software.
How to Convert WMV to DVD in Mac and Win (Windows 8 included)
A step by step guide on how to convert WMV to DVD with DVD menus and transitions, so you can backup your favorite WMV videos on DVD (Windows 8 included).
DVD Maker: Create Your DVD with Photos, Video and Music
Want to make your own DVD collection for a common backup or playback on any regular DVD player? Try Wondershare DVD creator to easily create personalized DVDs now.
How Can I Watch Movies On iPhone
Wanted to watch video files that's outwith the Apple's native format or codec? Try this solution.
How to Convert AVI/MP4/MKV/WMV/DIVX/FLV to the New iPhone 5S and All iPhones
This article tells you some great iPhone video converters. You can use them to convert AVI to iPhone, MP4 to iPhone, MKV to iPhone, WMV to iPhone, MOV to iPhone and more.
How to Transfer files from iPod to iPad
Worried about transferring music and other files from your iPod to iPad? Wanna share others' iPod items to your own iPad? Here you will find an ideal iPod to iPad transfer.
How to Convert MKV to iPhone 5S/5/4S and All Models (Windows 8 included)
This tutorial is about how to convert MKV to iPhone 5s/4/4s with few steps (Windows 8 included), so you can play your favorite MKV videos with iPhone.
How to Play MKV in Mac OS X (Mavericks & Snow Leopard included)
How to play MKV on Mac (Mountain Lion included)? Here offers three ways: play MKV in QuickTime by installing a plugin, play MKV with a MKV player Mac, convert MKV for uses.
Flash Player for Samsung Galaxy
This article will tell you how to make Flash work on your Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 and S3.
How to Play iTunes Music on Samsung Galaxy Series (Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, S)
If you have a Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2 or S, chances are you want to transfer your iTunes music to Galaxy device for entertainment anytime, anywhere. Get the solution.


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