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How to convert 2D to 3D WMV with Ease

Hardcore 3D movies fan? Yeah, 3D movies really are amazing compared to those 2D ones and it's so cool to have 3D theatrical experience at home while some 3D display and 3D glasses equipped. Well, the only falling grade is that there are so few 3D video files online and offline which makes those wonderful 3D equipments like unworthy.

So why not create some 3D files by yourselves then you can enjoy them or share them with other 3D fans by uploading to YouTube 3D channel? If you do, this article would help you to convert video to 3D WMV files if your 3D player supports 3D video in WMV for playback. To make 3D videos with normal 2D files, you only need one more thing: a professional 2D to 3D WMV converter like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate (Video Converter Ultimate for Mac), which is specially designed for converting video, audio, even 2D DVD to 3D movies with ease. Here we go to the detailed guide of 2D to 3D WMV conversion:

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1. Import 2D video to your 3D WMV converter

With a broad format support, the 2D to 3D converter allows you to import any video file as well as any DVD (commercial or noncommercial DVDs) to make your own 3D movies: drag and drop the common video file to the program or click "Add Files" button or "Load DVD" button to add files. With the function of batch conversion, you can locate more than one video file to do the 2D to 3D WMV conversion, or choose the main DVD to create 3D movies.

3D WMV converter

2. Set 3D WMV to be the output format

3D movies also have their own file formats. And here, to create your 3D WMV file, you can open the format list, go to "3D Video" category and choose "3D WMV" according to your demand. By the way, if you get a pari of anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses, you then need choose 2d to 3d wmv, or choose convert 2d to 3d wmv if your 3D display uses Eclipse method or other 3D technologies.

convert video to 3D WMV

Note: You can edit your files for enhance your experience with some helpful edit functions offered. To learn more about this, go to user guide of Video Converter Ultimate.

3. Start to convert video to 3D WMV

Click the "Convert" button then let the Video Converter Ultimate finish the rest of 2D to 3D WMV task. And after that, you can freely watch 3D movies on your own or upload them to the internet for sharing.

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Hi, Smattias, generally, LG TV supports ASF, WMV, AVI, Dvix, MOV, and MP4 format. And most brands TV give good support to MP4 format. So MP4 is a good choice. Meanwhile, as per your LG model, it supports 2D to 3D playback, so you can also choose to burn your videos to DVD to watch on TV with your home DVD player hooked up. Hope it works for you. Best regards,
I have a new LG 55LM8600 TV. What format should I use to save a converted video to play on this TV. Thanks
Wondershare Employee
Thanks for using Wondershare software and we're sorry for the inconvenience caused. Would you please tell us more details about your original file? BTW, our support team has sent you an email about your case.
I've bought this software, but I still can not convert from 2D to 3D for the LG P920, and I was trying on china mobile phones without 3D glasses, the result would not be the same in 3D real LG P920 which is a 3D, but when I tried the 3D player Gadmei china made 'successful' only have to change the name of the movie with additional 3D front. is there any advice for me?