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Fix Windows Error

Windows working very slow or has crashed? Try looking up for the recommended solutions right here.

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Is there any way to recover lost MTS videos? The answer is YES! With a MTS video recovery tool, you can recover MTS files in original. Get in for details.
How to Protect Boot Sector from Viruses
This article shows you why you need to protect boot sector from viruses, and how to protect boot sector from viruses with one click.
How to Resolve Blue Screen (BSOD) in Windows 7
How can I fix the annoying Windows 7 blue screen error? This article shows you a full solution to fix it with 3 steps in minutes.
2 Ways to Fix "BOOTMGR Is Missing" Problem
It's really annoying when encountering the problem of BOOTMGR is missing. But don't be worried. There are 2 ways for you to fix it in Windows.
How to Recover Lost Images from PC, Camera, Memory Card & USB
Lost photos? Read this guide to successfully recover them safely. Recover deleted photos from your PC, camera, memory card, USB and mobile phone.
Download Ntldr File to Fix NTLDR Errors
See how to download NTLDR file and check the completer solution to fix NTLDR errors.
How to Fix Ntldr Compressed Error
NTLDR compress error may simply occur by accidental operation. See how to fix NTLDR compress error quickly.
How to Recover Registry Preventing Windows from Starting
Two ways to recover a corrupted registry that prevents your windows 7, XP or Vista from starting. Follow the guide and save your computer now!
What's Ntldr & How to Fix Ntldr Error
Read this article to know what's NTLDR and how to fix Ntldr errors in clicks.
How to Automatically Backup Hard Drive in Windows XP
How to automatically backup hard drive on Windows XP? We will take Time Shuttle for example to teach you how to backup hard drive daily, weekly, monthly and on specified time point and restore Windows
Where to Download NTOSKRNL.EXE
Tips are given to download NTODKRNL.exe and fix NTOSKRNL.exe problems.
How to Fix BootMGR Missing/Compressed Problem in Windows 7 or Vista
If BootMGR is missing or compressed, you can't start computer normally. You can fix it in 2 ways, to repair it or boot your PC with a bootable CD/USB.
Windows Recovery CD/Disk: A Perfect Solution to Windows
Blue screen, black screen, boot crash, loading crash, etc. A Windows recovery CD or disk can help to fix them all in seconds.
What to Do When Windows Vista Freezes Up
Vista can be freeze at startup, during internet surfing or freezes randomly or repeatedly. This article provides a complete solution to fix it thoroughly.
How to Fix Vista Blue Screen Errors
Why does Vista blue screen occur and how to fix it? Keep your shirt on. This article shows you a complete solution to fix it in 3 steps.
How to Clear Internet History Permanently with 1 Click
No matter Internet cache, cookies, private records, or you're using Internet Explorer, Firefox. All the history logs can be cleared completely with 1 click.
Effective Way to Make Deleted Data Unrecoverable
Deleted data is actually a kind of hidden data on your computer. To make them unrecoverable, you need a data shredder, and here it is.
How to Password Protect Excel 2010/2007/2003
Prevent Excel files from being accessed, read, modified or edited? Read the guide and learn how to password protect Excel 2007 (2000, 2003, 2010, XP…).
How to Fix Windows Registry Errors Easily
Registry errors can bring your computer slow start-up, blue screen, freezing or even crash. This guide tells you to fix them all with 1 click as an expert.
How to Clean Memory Card Permanently with Card Shredder
Want to wipe your memory card to protect your personal and sensitive photos or videos against viewing by others? Here is guide for you to clean memory card and shred photos and videos permanently.
Convert NTFS to FAT for You without Data Loss
Want to convert NTFS to FAT? Here is a guide on how to convert NTSF to FAT without data loss.
Two Ways to Encrypt PowerPoint for Security
How to password protect my PPT presentations? I want to keep them private. Here recommend you two simple ways to encrypt your PPT presentation.
How to Split Partition without Data Loss
Disk Management assists you to split partition windows 7/XP without data loss, so as to have more partitions to store various kinds of data conveniently.
How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9/8/7
Three ways for you all to uninstall Internet Explorer from computer. If you have a need, please read and follow the guide here.
Dwwin.exe - DLL Initialization Failed? What should You Do?
'dwwin.exe - DLL Initialization Failed' is the most common and annoying problem that you might encounter. Here lists some ways to fix the problem.
How to Edit DLL Files
What's DLL file and how to edit them? There are several ways to edit them, while the easiest way is to use Visual Studio by Microsoft. Get in to read more.
How to Fix Blackra1n Asl.dll Error Instantly
This article offers the easiest way to solve ASL.dll errors caused by different reasons, such as iTunes upgraded, jailbreak tool installed, and so forth.
How to Change File System without Formatting
Is there a way to change file system without formatting, here you can get the answer to quickly convert FAT/FAT32 to NTFS or convert NTFS to FAT/FAT32.
How to Delete/Clear Cache and Cookies with 1 Click
Clearing cache and cookies is a great way to speed up your computer and protect privacy. Here you can clean them all with 1 click, instead of more steps.
NTLDR Is Missing – 2 Simple Ways to Fix It
Looking for an answer to fix NTLDR Is Missing easily? You are at the right place. Here are easy 1-2-3 ways for you to handle this problem yourself.
How to Backup Your OS in Windows
Why need to backup OS and how? This article is telling the benefits of OS backup and step by step guide for you to backup your OS in 3 steps.
How to Securely Erase an SSD Drive
Difficult to erase an SSD data? Not really! This guide here shows you 3 steps to erase your SSD permanently and completely, just a job for baby.
How to Reset Windows Vista Password Without Loading in
Need to reset Vista password to access your computer? This guide provides you with a 2-step solution to reset password of your Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7.
How to Crack Windows 7 Password
It's really a headache thing when you forget Windows 7 login password. This guide tells you how to crack Windows 7 password in 3 steps.
How to Fix Computer Freezes Up
Computer freezing could cause any data you were working lost. You can use Wondershare PowerSuite Golden to fix computer freezing and restore PC to full and efficient working order.
How to Fix Fltmgr.sys Blue Screen Error
The fltmgr.sys blue screen error is a serious Windows OS error that can cause a PC to deteriorate over time if not addressed. Learn how to fix Fltmgr.sys blue screen error here.
How to Fix Invalid Partition Table
To fix invalid partition table, Wondershare PowerSuite Golden can rectify it, repairing the master boot record so that it points correctly to the partition containing the OS.
How to Fix MBR Error 1, MBR Error 2 or MBR Error 3
Get a message indicating a boot failure or no indication of what has gone wrong? It may be MBR error 1, MBR error 2, MBR error 3. To fix MBR Error 1/2/3, please read the article.
How to Fix MBR Missing Issues
With your MBR missing, PowerSuite Golden is a good set of tools for dealing with registry and other issues afflicting PCs and is ideal for finding and restoring a healthy MBR.
How to repair Hard Disk Drive (HDD) bad sector
HDD bad sector and HDD bad sector errors may cause a PC to crash, and if this happens, you can use Wondershare PowerSuite Golden to perform a comprehensive Windows recovery.
What is bootmgr & how to fix bootmgr error
What is bootmgr and how to fix bootmgr error? If you are interested in these, this article is right for you, describing what you want in detail.
Vista Won't Boot Up: How to Fix it
Vista won't boot? When the safe mode is also a dead end, you can turn to a boot disk for help. Learn more by checking in.
How to Reset MSN Password Without Alternative Email & Security Answer
Is there any way to reset MSN password without alternative email address and the right security answer? YES! Check in this article for a solution.
How to Uninstall Programs You Can't Remove
Can't remove the stubborn program from your computer? Don't worry. This article provides a perfect solution for you to fix it in 2 steps.
How to Clean Broken Shortcuts in Windows
Can't remove invalid shortcuts from your computer? Get a solution here. This article shows you how to clean broken shortcuts on your computer in 3 steps.
How to Perform PC Health Check
This article shows you how to perform a PC health check with one click to ensure you a good computer performance.
Hard Drive Won't Boot (Windows 7, XP or Vista)
Hard drive won't start up? Look here! This guide is telling about how to access your unbootable computer and get the boot failure issue done in 3 steps.
How to Fix it: Windows 7 Keeps Restarting
Windows 7 keeps restarting itself? Don't worry. This guide offers you a complete solution to solve this problem in 3 steps. Check in and read details now!
Windows XP Freezes! How to Fix it!
Windows XP system just randomly freezes, what's causing this? This article tells you why and offers you a complete solution. Check in for details now!
How to Fix Computer Freezes after Startup
My computer freezes after startup, please help! This article here offers you two ways to fix this computer freezes on startup. Check in for details now!
How to Solve Computer Black Screen on Boot
Black screen on boot, wont run! Don't worry. This guide is going to show you how to fix computer black screen on boot in 3 steps.
Fix Windows XP Black Screen Errors
Computer screen goes black in Windows XP? There are two ways for you to fix this XP black screen error. Check in for details and remove your error now!
How to Clone Windows Hard Drive to Another
Cloning is very useful when you want to upgrade your old Windows hard drive. This article is going to show you how to clone Windows safely.
What is and How to Fix Rundll Error at Startup
What is Rundll error? Want to know what reasons may cause Rundll error? Most importantly how to fix Rundll Error? Get all the answers from this article.
What is and How to Fix Register DLL Error
This article is mainly to illustrate the ways to register DLL files, and how to fix the DLL files failed to register.
How to Fix Crypt32.dll Error
Crypt32.dll Not Found! When this or other similar messages pop up on your computer, identify and fix the crypt32.dll error immediately to avoid damages.
What is and How to Fix Faultrep.dll Error
Many irritating faultrep.dll error messages pop on your computer? See the most efficient way to help you clean up and remove faultrep.dll related errors.
What is and How to Fix Kernel32.dll Error
Don't get frustrated with Kernel32.dll error message any more, here you can get the way to get rid of and fix Kernel32.dll error instantly and efficiently.
What is and How to Fix Mpr.dll Error
Read the article and find the efficient way to resolve mpr.dll errors, so as to get rid of irritating mpr.dll not found error messages on your computer.
"Black Screen" on Startup (Windows 7, XP & Vista)
Screen keeps going black at startup? Don't panic. This guide is going to show you a full solution to the black screen on startup.
How to Repair Registry Errors on Computer
Read and follow the article to repair Windows registry errors to defeat computer problems caused by registry errors, such as blue screen, slow bootup, etc.
How to Clean Registry on the Computer
What is Windows registry and why need to clear it? This article tells you more information about the registry and how to clear it.
How to Fix Msvbvm60.dll Error Easily and Quickly
Msvbvm60.dll error is a common kind of PC errors, which may cause computer blue screen, programs invalid and so forth. Read this guide to fix it easily.
How to Fix D3dx9_24.dll Errors on Your Computer
What is D3dx9_24.dll error? What caused it and how to fix it? This article gives you the comprehensive answer for all your questions.
How to Fix Shlwapi.dll Errors on Your PC
Shlwapi.dll errors can generate various problems on your computer. Get to know how the errors happen and what issues they bring, and then find the best way to fix them all accordin
How to Fix Awt.dll Errors Effectively
Awt.dll, as the important file for Java application, refuses any errors. This article provides you with the easiest, most effective and reliable solution to Awt.dll errors.
How to Fix Mfc80u.dll Errors with Reliable and Effective Way
This is a comprehensive guide about how to solve Mfc80u.dll errors on your computer. Fix them and speed up computer as a new one.
How to Fix Mscorwks.dll Errors Fast and Easily
Encountered Mscorwks.dll errors on your computer? Get the best solution to it from this detailed guide to fix them fast and easily.
Different Ways to Fix Missing DLL Files
Your computer always pop up 'missing DLL files' error? Here tells you about the cuase of missing dll files and the different ways to fix missing dll files error.
Easy Ways to Fix Runtime Errors
Always suffer runtime errors? Here provides some easy ways to fix runtime errors.
How to fix BootMGR Image Corrupted Problem
If you still can't solve the BootMGR problem by reinstalling your Windows, you are suggested to use LiveBoot to boot up your PC from bootable CD/USB.
How to Repair Hal.dll Missing Error
There is good news that the Hal.dll error can be fixed with a bootable CD or USB. All you need to do is only 2 clicks. Check it in.
How to Fix Boot.ini Missing
Invalid Boot.ini, loading from C:\Windows, Cannot fins the C:\boot.ini file. Fix this Boot.ini error completely now!
How to Fix Errors in Loading DLL at Startup
Errors in loading DLL occurs commonly. There are 3 ways for you to fix them completely.
How to Fix or Remove Errors Loading NvCpl.dll
NvCpl.dll is a library file for NVIDIA display adapter. The error it causes makes your PC work improperly. Here are 4 ways to get the NvCp.dll error away.
How to Fix NTFS.sys Missing or Corrupted Errors
NTFS.sys missing or corrupted error can make your PC fail to boot. If the original setup CD-ROM can't do any help, you can try a bootable CD or USB drive.
Quick Ways to Fix Blue Screen of Death
To fix the tough blue screen of death problem, there are actually simple ways. Don't be confused by those complicated fixes. Get easy baby steps here.
Missing Operating System? 2 Ways to Fix it!
Operating system missing? Not really! It's just a way how your operating system protects itself due to some damages. You can repair and get it normal easily.
How to Fix Bad Sectors on Hard Drive
Encounter a bad sector error? If it's not a physical damage, actually you can fix this bad sectors by yourself without money cost. Copy the guide here.
How to Repair a BOOTMGR is Missing Error
Check out 2 ways to repair bootmgr missing error – with Windows CD/DVD or bootable USB/CD.
How to Repair "Bootmgr is Compressed" Error
See how to quickly repair the BOOTMGR is Compressed error and enter your familiar desktop.
How to Fix Operating System Loading Error
The Error Loading Operating System issue occurs when an operating system can't be boot up. Find solutions here.
How to Fix newdev.dll Error Loading Issue
This article shows you how to troubleshoot Newdev.dll error loading issue step by step and tells you how to fix Newdev.dll error.
How to Download Hal.dll
See how to download and install hal.dll file to fix hal.dll error.
How to Fix Ntdetect Failed Error
if ntdetect failed error presents, you can't boot up your computer as normal. See how to fix the NTDETECT error to start Windows.
How to Fix Ntoskrnl.exe Missing error
Ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt will cause the Windows boot-up failure. See how to fix NTOSKRNL.exe missing error.
How to Fix Operating System Not Found Problem
Check out 3 solutions to fix your computer problem of Operating system Not Found
How to Fix hal.dll Missing Error
There are many reasons why the hal.dll missing error happens. See how to fix hal.dll missing error to boot up your machine.
How to Fix Grub Loading Error
This article gives simple solutions to help you fix grub loading error 15, 17, 21, 22.
MBR Recovery: How to Fix MBR Problems
Boot failure: System halted, Invalid partition table? There is the simplest way to repair MBR and fix MBR error with an MBR recovery tool.
How to Recover Windows XP from Freezing
Can't access Windows XP suddenly! How to get all my data intact? I need them urgently! Just an easy job, Windows recovery can do it and here is the guide.
How to Fix Atapi.sys Blue Screen Error
When the atapi.sys file is infected with a virus or other malware, it often leads to a blue screen atapi.sys error. You can use PowerSuite Golden to fix Atapi.sys Blue Screen error
How to fix Ndis.sys Blue Screen Error
The ndis.sys blue screen error is one of the most serious error messages you can receive on your PC screen. Learn how to fix ndis.sys blue screen error here.
How to Fix Tcpip.sys Blue Screen Error
The blue screen tcpip.sys error causes immediate loss of data and can become a persistent problem for Windows OS users. Learn how to fix tcpip.sys blue screen error here.
Useful Way to Help You Fix Windows Blue Screen on Boot
How to fix the blue screen on boot? This guide provides you with two ways to troubleshoot this boot blue screen in minutes. Check in for details!
How Do I Fix Windows XP Blue Screen Error
How to fix Windows XP blue screen? This article tells you two ways to fix your Windows XP blue screen in 3 baby-steps, not so hard as you think.
Windows Vista Black Screen of Death with Mouse Cursor
Was greeted with a nice Black Screen with only the mouse cursor after starting your computer? Don't worry. This guide shows you a full solution.