Top 5 Free Video Compressors

Large videos always take too much time to upload as well as download. So it's a good idea to compress the videos first and then upload them or send them to others. Here I pick top 5 free video compression Software Tools that will help you to compress your videos up to maximum without decreasing its quality.

  • Microsoft Expression Encoder
  • 3D-DCT Video Compression Software
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Freemake Video Converter
  • STOIK Video Converter
  • 1. Microsoft Expression Encoder

    Microsoft Expression Encoder is the upgraded version of Windows Media Coder. It comes with different options to compress your video file size. It even provides an A/B Compare button for you to test the compression parameters to achieve a balance between the video quality and the video file size. There are also different view methods quickly showing the difference between compressed and uncompressed video quality.

    free video compression software

    2. 3D-DCT Video Compression Software

    3D-DCT Video Compression Software uses an ingenious and innovative technology- 3D-DCT technique. The reduction in the size allows smooth streamlining of the files under low bandwidth conditions. It also has a simple and straight-forward interface, which allows you to compress your videos on the basis of quality while maintaining the best achievable quality, based on your selection.

    free video compressor

    3. Windows Movie Maker

    Although Windows Movie Maker is not a professional video editor software, it has done a great job in simplifying the process of compressing video file for web and make it easy for almost everyone to use.

    free video compression software

    4. Freemake Video Converter

    Freemake Video Converter is a powerful video conversion tool being used widely for converting videos to different formats. It can import the majority of video, audio, and image formats, and outputs to AVI, MP4, WMV, Matroska, FLV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, Blu-ray, MPEG, and MP3. The program also prepares videos supported by various multimedia devices, such as Apple devices and various mobile devices. You can just choose the format you want to compress.

    free video compression software

    5. STOIK Video Converter

    The STOIK Video Converter has in two versions - free and pro. The free version just allows the basic video compression. If you want to get editing features and video filters to go with the video compression software,then you should upgrade to the Pro version.

    If you want to compress videos for further editing or burning to DVD, the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate gives you a one-stop solution. It supports all popular video formats and allows you to compress videos to a DVD5 or DVD9 disc. The options and settings available to the user are varied and there are editing features as well. Now try this powerful video compression software out and you'll find the very good reason why this one has "Ultimate" on its name.

    Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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    Hi there, the DVD5 can only contain a file of 2 hours long. So please check whether your files is longer than 2 hours. You can switch to DVD9 which can contain a 4hours long file.
    I also just started using Wondershare and converted the files on a working 4.7gb DVD to MPEG-2. They "expanded" during conversion. I then imported them to "burn" and used the "fit to disc." It still said the files were too big to fit.
    Hi, Eelpie, it's very easy. After you launch the program, click the "Burn" tab, and then import your videos, choose the output video quality "Standard", "High" or "Fit to disc", then choose your favorite template (optional). After that, simply insert your DVD disc and hit "Burn". That's it! If any question, please feel free to come to me. Best regards,
    I have just bought Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and want to compress a video to burn to DVD but cannot see how to do it.
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