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Wondershare welcomes publishers to publish and sell our products without designing and developing software by themselves. We have already successfully cooperated with publishers in multiple countries by offering our publishers high-quality products, full customization, professional support and even by creating new products for the local markets.

Key Benefits

· High-quality products
Wondershare has very professional and experienced developing teams and our products are of the best quality over the world market.

· Full customization
Publishers can sell our products either under our brand or their own brands. We can fully customize our products per the requests of our publishers to publish our products and develop new products with new graphics, new languages and even new functions.

· Competitive license fees
Wondershare provides very competitive license fees for our publishers. The license fees will be negotiated and agreed on depending on the quantity and the market.

Interested? Email partner#wondershare.com(replace # with @) to join us and become our partner!

Reseller Program

Wondershare Reseller Program enables our resellers to make high profits by selling Wondershare products using their own marketing channels in local markets.

We are interested in distributing our software through resellers focused on specific countries or regions. Because we think every market and every business requires personal approach, we decided to switch into individual negotiations instead of laying down fixed terms. Sales volumes and commitments to promote Wondershare are the key factors in determining partnerships.

Wondershare provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

Key Benefits

· High-quality products
Wondershare always attaches very high importance to product quality and we have gained the popularity among a huge number of users and software reviewers from more than 150 countries.

· Low wholesale prices
Wondershare provides very competitive wholesale prices depending on the wholesale quantity and the market.

· Flexible customization
Besides our excellent product quality, we also provide product customization for local markets according to your requirements such as adding company info, localization etc.
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Interested? Email partner#wondershare.com(replace # with @) to join us and become our partner!