How to Recover Data from Dropped Broken iPhone

The 1st Thing to Do When You Dropped and Broken Your iPhone

Dropped your iPhone heavily on the floor, from the stair or on other hard objects? Anything might happen. Your iPhone is still in a perfect condition if you're lucky enough. Or worse, it has a cracked screen. Even the worst, you need to change a new one. It depends on the extend of the drop. No matter you belong which one, the first thing you need to do is to get your iPhone have a check first. Don't do it by yourself if there is a serious damage. Bring it to Apple or other professional stores and listen what they will say to you. Then you can decide how to repair your broken iPhone. Just remember it. If you're not so professional, your iPhone could be damaged further for your improper operation.

What You Need to Do Next: Backup Your Data

When your iPhone need restore, don't forget to backup the data on it first. Once it's restored, you can never get back the data on it, but only from the previous iTunes or iCloud backup if you have one. Hence, as long as there is such a condition that you still can use iTunes/iCloud to backup your dropped iPhone, just do it immediately.

What if you can't use iTunes or iCloud to backup your iPhone, or you just don't want to use either of them? Then you need to use a third-party tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS, which allows you to directly scan your iPhone and get the data out of your iPhone selectively. All you need to do is 3 steps:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone the computer, and run the program.
Step 2. Directly scan your iPhone by clicking "Start Scan" on the program's window.
Step 3. Preview and backup any data on your iPhone to the computer.

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recover broken iphone data

What If the iPhone Is Totally Broken?

Unfortunately, the professional technician declares that your iPhone is completed destroyed. There is no way to repair it, or the repair fee is enough for you to purchase a new one. What can you do now? You still can choose to get it recycled by Apple or sell it to some local repair store for some money.Then you need to get yourself a new phone. No matter it's an iPhone again or other phones, don't forget your data in the iTunes or iCloud backup. You still can get them back.

How? Since Apple doesn't allow you to get data out of the iTunes and iCloud backups, even preview, you can use a third-party tool to get them extracted. Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS is such a tool. Just download the trial version above to have a try for free now.

1st Way Recover iPhone data from iTunes backup

Step 1. Choose the backup and extract it

Launch the program on your computer once you've installed it. Then go to "Recover from iTunes Backup Files" on the top of the primary window. There, you can see all existing iTunes backup files on your computer. You can choose any of them to extract. Just choose one and click on the "Start Scan" button. The program will begin scanning and extracting the backup file.

how to recover data from broken iphone 3gs

Step 2. Preview and recover whatever you want from the backup

When the scan stops (it would be in a few seconds), you can now preview all data in the backup one by one, such as photos, messages, contacts, notes, call log, and more. While previewing, you can tick any item you want and get them all back with one click at last.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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2nd Way Recover iPhone data from iCloud backup

Step 1. Download and extract the iCloud backup

Switch to the option of "Recover from iCloud Backup Files" on the top of the program's primary window. Then you can sign in your iCloud account by inputting the Apple ID and the password. Once you've entered, you can see all backup files in your iCloud. Choose one and download it with one click. After that, you can continue extracting it.

recover data from broken iphone 4

Step 2. Preview and recover data from your iCloud backup

The downloading and extracting process will take you a while. Wait and relax yourself for a moment. Once it stops, you can preview all data in your iCloud backup file like photos, contacts, messages, calendars, and more. You can recover any of them as you wish.

recover data from broken iphone 4

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Apples are pieces of shit that a person cannot access their internal memory when plugged into a previously used computer. the memory is there but unaccessable. give us SD card slot and quit being greedy bitches.
I've run into the exact same problem. Its not connecting to my home computer, though its synced there before. Its been last connected to my work computer - but not sync'd.
What you can do is to connect the iPhone to the computer it connected before. It probably won't require for screen password to access the data within. If it still requires passcode, I'm afraid there is no way around. Can you recall whether you have data backed up using iTunes or iCloud before? If yes, you can try again Recover from iTunes backup file or Recover from iCloud Backup File mode. Both options won't require you to enter screen password.
My screens broken so i can't enter my passcode to allow the computer access what do i do?
Sorry to tell you that you can do nothing since you can't trust computer. Anyway, have you backed up your iPhone to iCloud? If you have, you may try the feature 'recover from iCloud backup file'.
I'm using the computer for the first time, and the Iphone is broken so I cannot touch in the "trust computer". What can I do?
I haven't encountered this kind of problem, do don't know whether it works or not. You can try your luck.
what if you used to sync the phone on the laptop, but then the laptop's hard disk is dead, and it is replaced by a new hard disk?
Hey, you should connect your iPhone with the computer which you usually sync your iPhone with via the USB cable. If you have trusted this computer before, then there will be no problem of connecting your phone with the computer or requirement of "Trust" the computer
does anybody know how to connect ur phone while screen is broken i cant unlock it so it can enter itunes