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How to Play AVI on Mountain Lion

" I've just upgraded to Mountain Lion. I can no longer play my AVI movie files with quicktime. Will this error be fixed in Mountain Lion? "

- Alphaboo

Can't play AVI on Mountain Lion? I know some others who have encountered the same problem as the user above. Even since they've updated to Mountain Lion, they can no longer playback an AVI file on QuickTime. Normally, the QuickTime player won't be able to playback an AVI file. You'll need to install some additional plug-ins such as Perian or etc to increase the player's compatibility or feature. However, once the computer is updated to Mountain Lion, these plug-ins are all deemed incompatible with Mountain Lion. Well, is there any way to playback the AVI file on Mountain Lion? Of course, the answer is yes! Look at some of solutions below:

Solution One: Play AVI on Mountain Lion still with your own QuickTime (QuickTime X 10)

You need to uninstall some of the previously installed QuickTime components. Try to uninstall the DivX, Flip4Mac or Perian one by one, and then restart the computer after each one. After that, re-install Flip4Mac and Perian and reboot your Mac. Now, reload your AVI files onto QuickTime for a try. If it doesn't still work, you can go to MacintoshHD>Library>QuickTime to find and delete the extra XviD or 3ivX codecs there. This time round, you can surely playback your AVI files on QuickTime again.

Solution Two: Play AVI on Mountain Lion with QuickTime 7

Some Mountain Lion users found out that they can playback an AVI file on QuickTime 7 but not QuickTime X. Actually, QuickTime Player 7 supports old media formats better than the recent version (i.e. QuickTime 10). So if you don't mind installing QuickTime 7, simply upload and playback your AVI files on Mountain Lion with the QuickTime 7 instead of your original built-in QuickTime 10.0 or later.

Solution Three: Play AVI on Mountain Lion with Wondershare Player

In fact, if you don't want get stuck with QuickTime any more. Try out other media players for Mountain Lion; the Wondershare Player. It's a free and easy-to-use program which can play almost all audio and video formats on both Mac and Windows platform. It also supports the uploading of subtitle files. You can add the subtitles directly to a movie without captions. It's the most powerful media player that I've used so far. You need to try it out too.

Download mac version

 video player mac

Solution Four: Convert AVI to a QuickTime-compatible format on Mountain Lion

If you get used to using the newest QuickTime X, but have trouble with Solution one, there is another feasible way for you to enjoy your AVI media content in QuickTime. The trick is to convert your AVI  files to a QuickTime-compatible format using the intuitive Video Converter for Mac. This smart software makes it easy to convert almost any popular video format to any video or audio format for various devices and applications. In order to convert your AVI files to a QuickTime-friendly format, you can select the MOV as the output format. Simply convert the AVI file to an MOV for your Mountain Lion. See more tips from here >>

Download mac version

You can also refer to the video tutorial below:

Note: You can also play the AVI files on the DVD player in your bedroom or etc, as long as you've burned the AVI files onto a DVD. If your Perian doesn't work on Mountain Lion, you can try a Perian alternative for Mountain Lion.

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use "perian" codecs its very popular and nice... works avi mkv and all video audio codecs