Use Quick AVI Cutter to Cut AVI Files without Quality Loss

You may experience one or more of these problems. Then an AVI cutter can make your life easier.

  • The length of AVI files are longer than 15 minutes (exceed the maximum limit).
  • The AVI video files are too large in size. You need cut them into pieces to mail or share with others.

Part 1: Get the Best AVI Cutter

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

  • Intuitive interface to cut AVI files.
  • 30 times faster with multi-processors.
  • No loss of video quality.
  • Optional re-compression into all popular format or without re-encode.
  • Supports cutting AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, FLV, and all popular formats.
  • All-in-one video software: AVI cutter, AVI joiner, AVI converter.

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3 Steps to Cut AVI Files

1. Load AVI files

After installed Video Converter Ultimate, open it and you will see the primary windows as below. Click "Add Files" button and the open dialog will open, where you can select AVI files and import to the program to cut into pieces.

Tips: By "Load DVD" button, you can also convert DVD movies or split into small segments for playing and sharing with others.

avi cutter

2. Cut AVI to segments

To cut the imported AVI files, right click the item in the list and from the popup menu, select "Edit" option>"Trim". The AVI cutter will start. With it, you can cut an AVI files into unlimited segments. To do so, first set segments with "Set start point" and "Set end point" sliders. When a segment is set, click the scissors button to save it to the tray at the bottom. When you finished, click "OK" to export all clips and it's ready to save the clips in AVI format or any regular format, including MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPEG, MP3, M4V, etc.

cut avi files

3.Start cutting AVI files

Now choose a format to save the cut AVI clips to computer. Here you can keep the original AVI format, or select another video format. If you want to play videos on mobile device, choose your device from the list. Just click the format image on the right side to set the output format. Then, go to the specified folder by clicking "Open Output" to change the name if necessary. Finally click "Convert" button to start cutting AVI files.

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split avi video

Part 2: Free AVI Cutter

1. Wondershare Video Converter Free

It is totally a 100% free AVI cutter. You can use it to remove the unwanted parts of the AVI video and then get the parts you prefer. However, the free AVI cutter can only have 30X fastest working process for 10 times. It doesn't support burnning video to DVD while Video Converter Ultimate burns video to DVD with many popular menu templates.

2. AVI Cutter

As the name suggests, AVI Cutter has been developed specifically for single task: to cut AVI files as quickly and easily as possible. It provides the most basic tools needed for the job. The user simply needs to select the parts of the video they wish to cut out, and the software exports the final video. Other possible basic adjustments include adjusting the subtitles and speed of the video.

3. Quick AVI Splitter

This is another program that mainly has a single task in mind: to split and cut AVI files. Quick AVI Splitter allows users to take pieces of a large AVI video and cut them down into smaller video clips, as well as making it easy to select parts of an AVI file which can be output into a new video file. Frame rate, frame size and audio settings can all be customized before exporting the final AVI video.

4. Personal AVI Editor

This is another plain and simple application for doing quick edits of AVI files. With just a single video and audio track, there's nothing complex to learn in Personal AVI Editor. Besides being able to cut and split AVI videos, users can also make some simple digital effect edits such as fading and wave mixing.

5. Kate's Video Toolkit

This is a more comprehensive application for video editing, but can also cover the simple task of acting as an AVI cutter too. Once you've split, cropped or cut the AVI file to your liking, the software also lets you undertake bit rate, aspect ratio, compression and other adjustments, including creating transitions.

6. AVI Trimmer + MKV 2

With a focus on cutting AVI and MKV files, this software also contains other video editing functions. It is a free application, and has a focus on lossless AVI editing. This means that the quality of the original file is not reduced at all once you cut a video - this can be an issue in other programs and may result in a considerably lower quality output. Thankfully, this is not the case with AVI Trimmer. This piece of software is ideal for cutting AVI files so they can be uploaded to Youtube, as well as to remove an audio stream from an AVI file; something that competing editors may not be able to do so easily.

7. VideoPad Video Editor

NCH Software are well known for making excellent applications, and VideoPad Video Editor has been designed to be used by anyone, regardless of experience level or technical ability. Like several of the other titles in this article, VideoPad Video Editor is more than just an AVI cutter, although this task is easily taken care of within the application. You can also add transitions and effects to videos, edit other file formats, use the suite of audio editing tools, and export files to multiple formats and media types.

8. Flash-Integro VSDC Free Video Editor

Another comprehensive editing program is that from Flash-Integro in the form of VSDC Free Video Editor. This non-linear video editing application lets you undertake many different editing tasks, including the simple one of cutting AVI files. Along with AVI, virtually all other video formats are supported by this software as well.

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I'm a Mac user and I have Video Converter Ultimate. This article was still a great help to me. I will have to look into Wondershare for my work computer.
Aaahh, thank you! I was having problems trying to figure out how to cut my AVIs. This is perfect!
Hi Kerimorgret, thanks for your interest in our software and of course you can use it to cut other video formats.
That looks good, but I wanna know whether I can cut other video formats?
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