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How to Record iTunes Radio to MP3

Want to put iTunes radios to your portable device just like putting iTunes bought songs? No, man, you can buy songs from iTunes Store, but not iTunes radio. Normally, iTunes radios are only available when you access to the Internet. What a pity, huh? However, with a method, you can. You can listen to the radio offline as you like. Here is the method—recording iTunes radio. It means converting iTunes radio to MP3 and carrying it with you.

To achieve your goal, you need a recording tool. Here, we recommend the top one audio recorder, Streaming Audio Recorder. It is the best audio recorder I've ever used. It enables users to record any iTunes radio with 1:1 quality with a simple "hit & record". Here is how to record radio from iTunes by using the Streaming Audio Recorder.

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1 Install and launch the Streaming Audio Recorder

After you download this app, click the .exe file to install it. The installing process will be very quick and easy. However, if the program reminds "No install virtual audio device", please follow these steps to fix the problem.

2 Record iTunes radio

To ensure that you can get the radio completed recorded, please click the "Record" button first and then access to the radio you need to download in iTunes and play it. See the Streaming Audio Recorder begins to work? That's it! When the iTunes Radio Recorder finish recording iTunes radio, a prompt will tell you it is done. To stop the recording, click the "Record" again.

record itunes radio

If you are not able to be around to record iTunes radio, you can ask the Streaming Audio Recorder to do it for you. All you need is go to the "Time Scheduler", set the start time and end time for the recording. Then the iTunes Radio Recorder could record audio from iTunes radio automatically for you. When you come back, just find the program you need on your PC.

iTunes radio free record

Cool, right? Why not try to record program from iTunes radio right now? With Streaming Audio Recorder, you can get what you hear.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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