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How to Free Download Music from Any Music Website

It is no exaggeration to say that music has become an indispensable part of your life. And all of you have pretty easy access to all kinds of music, rock, jazz, popular and more, especially on the internet. Even though there are many music websites online with tons of music for you to listen to, you may prefer to take them to go with your portable devices like iPod or other MP3 players. But to your disappointment, you cannot download the music for free from most of the sites. You will need a powerful tool to help. The free music downloader—Streaming Audio Recorder, is a good choice. It downloads music through recording without quality loss. You don't have to pay for the songs recorded. Want to have a try? Let's move on to see how it works.

1  Download and install the free music downloader

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Click the download icon above to install the program. You should choose one according to your computer type. The windows version will be an example in this article.

2 Record your favorite music

Open the program after installation and hit the Record button in the left top corner. Then go to your favorite music site and choose the music to play. When the music starts playing, you can find the program is working.

When recording, please make sure that there is no other sound source other than the music on your computer. And the free music download software can also detect each song automatically according to the silence time. So you can keep playing the music playlist while leaving the program working in the background.

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3 Transfer to iTunes or portable devices (optional)

Of course, when you finish recording the music, you can double-click them to play on your computer. But most of you may want to play on portable devices.

For devices like iPod, you have to first transfer music to iTunes. Click the Add to iTunes button and you can find the music displaying in the SAR playlist on iTunes. Then you can insert your iPod and synchronize iTunes library.

For other devices like Samsung phone, you can right-click the song in the Library. In the drop down menu, please select Open in Folder to see where the file is stored. Then transfer to your portable devices manually.

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This is the whole procedure to free download music from websites. Quite easy, right? If you want to make ringtones, just click the bell icon and trim the music to the part you like. You can also share your music to social networks like Facebook with a click. With this free music downloader, you can keep a lot of your favorite music in the pocket.

Note: The downloading/recording service of this program is completely legal if you don't redistribute the recorded music to other people.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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