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How to Download Music Easily from Music Websites

There are many people posting questions about looking for an easy music downloader on the Q&A websites. But the answers are not so satisfactory. Are you also trying to find one? Here is a good choice for you—Streaming Audio Recorder.

Streaming Audio Recorder helps download music easily from most of the music websites like Pandora, Spotify and more. The easy music downloading process is via recording and you can record unlimited songs. Can’t wait to check it out? See how it works below.

1  Install the easy music downloader

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Download and install the program by clicking the Download icon above. Choose the right one according to your computer operating system. The following will take the windows version for an example.

2 Download the music you like easily

After installing the program, please open it and click the Record button. Enter Spotify.com for example or other music website to find your favorite music and play them. You can see that the program is recording the music when the music starts playing.

When a song is finished, the program will know according to the silence time and will start to record another song right away. So you can play a song playlist while leaving the program to download all songs.

easy music download

3 Transfer to iTunes or portable devices (optional)

When the songs are downloaded, you may want to play them on your portable devices. With this easy music downloader, you can achieve this easily.

If you want to play on Apple devices like iPod, please click the Add to iTunes button. Then go to iTunes to find the music in the SAR playlist. You can synchronize your iPod with the iTunes library by yourself.

For other portable devices like Samsung or HTC, just right-click the music file and select Open in Folder. Go to where the music file is stored on the computer and transfer to your portable devices manually.

easy music downloads

This is the whole procedure of downloading music. Isn’t it quite easy? The easy music downloader also has a human design for you to preset the recording time by clicking the Clock icon on the bottom of the Recording interface. What’s more, you can create playlists to manage the music and make ringtones. This program is a whole package for you to easily download, play and manage music. Do not hesitate any more. To see is to believe. Just download the program and evaluate it all by yourself.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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