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How to Download Spotify Playlist Effortlessly

Spotify provides a comparable amount of quality music online. The music is always sorted into playlists. You may ask, is there any way to download the Spotify playlists? You can have offline access to the music playlist when you become a premium member of Spotify. Or if you manage to download Spotify music successfully in some way, you may be restricted to play them because they are DRM-protected content. So you’d better find a right, powerful program to help. Here is a good choice—Streaming Audio Recorder. It can help download Spotify playlist free through recording. You can also play the downloaded music playlist without limit. Can’t wait to see how it works? Let’s get started.

1 Install the Spotify playlist downloader

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Download and install the program on your computer. Note that you should choose the right one according to your own computer. We will take the windows version as an instance.

2 Download Spotify playlists

Open the program after installation. Click the Record button in the top left corner. Then run Spotify and find a playlist you want to download. When the music is playing, you can find the program will start to record at the same time.

download spotify playlist free

You can play the whole playlist in a row and the program can split two songs by the silence time between. What’s important is that you should keep the internet going smoothly.

Note: When the playlist has many songs, you may be reluctant to ruin your day by sitting before a computer for a long time. You can fix it by setting a recording time duration after clicking the clock icon on the bottom of the Recording window.

3 Play Spotify playlists on the go

After the playlists have been downloaded, you may want to play the music on the go. Click the Add to iTunes button and you can find the songs in the SAR playlist on iTunes. Then synchronize with your portable devices like iPod.

For other portable devices like Samsung phone, you can first right-click the song and select Open in Folder to find where the music is stored on your computer. Then transfer to your portable devices manually.

spotify playlist download

What’s worth noting here is that the program can identify the basic information about each song in a playlist and you can even edit its information by right-clicking and selecting View Detail. With these powerful functions, the Spotify playlist downloading will be achieved effortlessly. Now, download the program to try yourself and you’ll never be let down.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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