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10 Tips To Make iTunes 10 Run Faster

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If you've ever run iTunes on both Windows and Mac operating system before, you may have found that iTunes for Windows is much slower than iTunes for Mac. Some one said that this is because Apple isn't serious about iTunes for Windows and wants to show people that iTunes work faster in Mac operating system because it's just better. Personally, I don't think so. iTunes is the most popular media manager software on both Windows and Mac, but some features work better and faster in Mac OS, to some extent. By removing unnecessary services and features on iTunes, you can totally speed up your iTunes no matter the operating system. These optimization tips could also be used to make your iTunes run faster in Mac.

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Faster Installation

iTunes doesn't come installed in Windows. You need to download it manually and install in Windows system. Before starting to install, disabling the adding music option will install iTunes faster. This change means, however, that you'll need to import your music later.

Disable Unnecessary Services

Apple usually assumes that you have iPod/iPhone/iPad and many services are open by default. If you have no Apple device, disable these options.

  • 1. Launch iTunes and click Edit -> Preferences.
  • 2. Go to Devices tab.
  • 3. Uncheck the options of Allow iTunes control from remote speakers and remotes Search iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. If you do not share your library with computers in your network, go to Sharing tab and disable the option Share my library on my local network.

disable unnecessary services

Remove Smart Playlists

iTunes will constantly analyze your library to generate Smart Playlist, which occupy lots of system resources. Delete unused Smart Playlists to accelerate iTunes.

  • 1. Run iTunes, right click on a smart playlist and select Remove.
  • 2. Repeat this process to remove other Smart lists.

Disable Genius

the iTunes Genius feature helps you discover more music from what you listen, and compare your music taste with others, using many resources, too. To disable Genius, Go to Store menu and select Disable Genius.

disable genius

Delete Duplicate Files

A large music library will slow down your iTunes. Therefore, it's necessary to delete duplicate file to reduce iTunes music library to get a faster iTunes. Here is how:

  • 1. Open iTunes and go to your library.
  • 2. Click the File menu and then click Display Duplicate item.
  • 3. Duplicate items are displayed. Right click on the song you want to remove and click Remove.
  • 4. Confirm by clicking OK.

Turn off Cover Flow

Although Cover Flow view is eye-catching, it's slow to run and bad when you need to find music. Instead of Cover Flow view, we recommended findingiTunes music in the standard List view. To change it, go to View and select "as List" or other view mode instead of Cover Flow.

Reduce Clutter

Unnecessary column information in your playlists is also a cause of slow iTunes. Too many columns not only use more resources, but make it more difficult to find the info you want. To reduce this clutter, right click the column bar on top and then uncheck useless columns.

reduce itunes clutter

Stop Annoying Messages

The "Do not as me again" again information is annoying. Check it to get a quiet world, and save time.

Use Folders to Organize Playlists

If you have a lot of albums, organize it into playlist folders will enable you to find it quickly. To do so, just click on File / New Playlist Folder. The you can drag and drop your playlist to it.

Disable Automatic Syncing

Auto syncing is not always necessary, because it's probably that you only need to transfer some photos to your iPhone using iPhoto, rather than syncing music. You could even transfer music/video without iTunes. So you are recommended to disable automatic syncing as this: choose your connected device from the left sidebar and uncheck Automatic Sync option.

disable auto sync itunes

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Thank you very much. The info on deleting the smart playlist really worked for me. From minutes to seconds now when adding new songs!
Definitely not, I have 16GB dual channel and it is still horrendous.
i have the same problem... i wonder if it's got anything to do with my RAM memory, as i have an older Mac and the latest version of iTunes...
iTunes rev 11 is still abysmal. It'll hang for minutes just scrolling a playlist. None of the above helped cure this. If this is the best Apple can do, after 11 major revisions, and countless minor ones, I don't think I ever want to use a Mac. Unfortunately, the last time I checked, CopyTrans is still utterly useless at dragging files around a large playlist, as it scrolls at a single very s l o w speed.
hahahaha 30 seconds....either I'm getting too old or some of you need to learn some patience. In my days of WINAMP and windows...30 seconds was FASTTTTT.
Might just be your MBP that's slow :)
iTunes is just plain slow on anything you run it on. It takes 30 seconds just to open on my MBP.


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