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An Easy Way to Share iTunes Playlist with Others

Do you like to share? An iTunes playlist is also a good way to share your music collection with others. If you have loads of fair-sounding playlists on your iTunes library, you may like to share them amongst your families and friends. However, you should know that iTunes can only sync data with your own iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod or iPad. If you attempt to sync other's iPhone, iPod or iPad with your iTunes library, the iTunes library will remind you whether you'll want to remove data on the iPhone, iPod or iPad beforehand. It's annoying, especially when you want to sync the playlists in iTunes library and preserves all music and playlists on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

How to share iTunes playlist via a PC

Don't worry, in this case, you can try the Wondershare TunesGo. This program gives you the flexibility to transfer playlists from any iTunes library to your iPhone, iPod and iPad with nothing lost. Besides iTunes playlists, you can also share music files, photos, videos, contacts on your iPod, iPhone and iPad to another person's iDevice. Now, let me show you how the program can help you share your iTunes library.

Download TunesGo on your PC and install it.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the PC

To begin with, install and run TunesGo on your PC. After that, connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the PC. The primary window will then pop-up on your computer screen.

songs from iphone to ipad

Step 2: Export iTunes playlists

After the device is connected, click on "Transfer Music" in the bottom right corner to enter the Transfer Music page. Select music you want to share and then drag & drop to device.

songs from iphone to ipad

With TunesGo, you can easily make a iTunes playlist for a friend or family member. Now, simply download TunesGo to share your playlists!

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Copying the files and dropping them into Excel was so easy. I wish I knew it was this easy months ago when I tried exporting the file and the text was giving me issues with formatting.
What worked for me (in iTunes 10) was selecting the "Store" tab at the top, after I'd already selected the playlist I wanted. There was a "Share playlist" option, which led to options for Gift Playlist or Publish Playlist, etc.
Hi, Cm2530 and Holly. Please kindly noted that since iTunes 8 and above, apple has omitted this feature, so you can't find the checkbox in iTunes preference. Instead, you can try its Ping function, hope it works for you.
I am having the exact same problem as Holly. Thanks.
The Publish arrow is not showing, and I'm looking for the "Show links to the iTunes Store" checkbox in iTunes > Preferences (Windows: Edit > Preferences). Can't find it. On what page of Preferences is the "Show links to the iTunes Store" checkbox located? I've looked on my computer (Mac) and husband's computer (PC).