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How to Delete Duplicates from Your iTunes Library

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iTunes duplicates may be generated  for a few reasons. These occur not only with iTunes music, but also movies, podcasts and books. The larger your iTunes libraries are, the higher the possibility that you've got tons of iTunes duplicates. Fortunately, iTunes allows you to easily fix this problem. Today, we will show you how to delete duplicates from iTunes, no matter they are music duplicates, or movie duplicates, podcast duplicates and book duplicates.

How to Remove iTunes Duplicates

Here's the basic work flow to delete duplicate items from iTunes:

1. Open iTunes and select Music/Movies/Podcasts/Books under Library.

2. Go to File > Display Duplicates and iTunes will show all of the duplicate items in your library.

itunes display duplicates

3. Choose duplicate items you want to remove from iTunes library.

4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

remove duplicates

5. You will be prompted to either keep the duplicate files in your iTunes folder or remove it from hard drive to Trash, which you can finally delete whenever you like.

delete duplicates itunes

Delete iTunes Duplicates Tips:

1. To select multiple iTunes duplicates, hold down Shift or Command key, and click the duplicate files you want. On Windows, the corresponding keys would be Shift and Ctrl.

2. According to my experience, most of the iTunes duplicates have the name patter of * 1.m4a, * 2.m4a, etc. Therefore, once the duplicate files are displayed, right click and select Show in Finder, then search 1.m4a for iTunes duplicates and delete them directly from your hard drive.

Prevent iTunes Duplicates

To help prevent duplicate items in your library, you can enable two options in iTunes.

1. Open iTunes and select iTunes > Preferences > Advanced tab.

2. Check the two options illustrated below.

itunes duplicates avoiding

If these two options are activated, when you import media to your iTunes library, the media files would be copied to your iTunes folder. This way, you are not allowed to import duplicate items next time.

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This does not work with podcasts
If you delete the duplicate does it delete it from the playlist?
As regards iTunes duplicating music files you can suggest whatever you like but it never works I think Apple should spend a little time confronting this problem ...and it is a problem because they even have there own software on sale to deal with it What a greedy money grabbing company. After much frustration I now use Windows Media and some very reasonably priced software that allows me to use the ipod it performs far better, there are no controlling restrictions and NO DUPLCATES dump the bad Apple
Display duplicates is grayed when the podcasts folder is selected.
delete duplicate podcasts
Oh, one more thing. Mine are checked, but I've been getting many duplicates. It seems to have started after adding the new Podcasts to my i-devices! But it also seems to be happening within iTunes on the Mac, too!
Appreciate your web page here very much. Question, though. It would seem that *unchecking* those options at the end, especially "Copy files", would be the right choice. Why check it? Thanks!


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