Top Alternatives for iTunes to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone/iPad/iPad mini/iPod

I have searched the Internet, finding that people who are looking for alternatives to iTunes have different purposes. Some expect iTunes alternatives to be faster in transferring music to Apple devices. Some wish for an intuitive iTunes alternative to manage music and movie libraries. In order to help make this decision, I’ve covered both transfer tool alternatives to iTunes and Media player alternatives to iTunes in this article:

Part 1: iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone/iPad/iPad mini/iPod

1.Simpler & Faster Alternative to iTunes

better music organizer than itunes

Wondershare TunesGo is an all-in-one music management program that allows users to transfer, download and organize their music and playlists in one simple interface.

  • • Layout: An iTunes Plug-in, or Stand-Alone Window, option, with a simple and clean user interface.
  • • Supports Windows & Mac: Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) is a perfect alternative to iTunes for Mac OS X; Wondershare TunesGo is an alternative to iTunes for Windows PC.
  • Rank:

Why Choose Wondershare TunesGo

Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Transfer from any Computer to any iDevice

TunesGo makes it for users to transfer any song from any computer to any iPhone, iPad, & iPod, breaking the limitations of iTunes' for sharing songs among computers and devices.
Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Support Songs and Videos in 30+ Different Formats

TunesGo supports music and videos in more than 30 formats, helping users to transfer almost any killer song or video from any computer to any iPhone, iPad, and iPod for enjoyment.
Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Two-Way Synchronization – A Complete Solution

iTunes is a one-way synchronization tool: from computer to devices. Wondershare TunesGo offers two-way synchronization: from computer to devices & from devices to computers.
Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Transfer Music Back into iTunes Library

Transfer music and playlists from any iPhone, iPod, and iPad back into an iTunes Library. Filter out duplicate songs that already exist in iTunes, creating a smooth experience and a beautifully, organized library.

2. CopyTrans Manager - A Simple iTunes Alternative

itunes alternative for windows

CopyTrans Manager is known as a free iTunes alternative to manage files on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It allows users to add music, videos, apps, etc. from a PC to an iPhone without iTunes. By doing this, users can transfer music from a computer to multiple iPhones, iPods, and iPads without erasing the original data on the devices. However, it's only available for Windows PC. No Mac version is available yet. If you're looking for an alternative to iTunes for Mac OS X, you should try CopyTrans alternative for Mac.

Price: Free
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.


Download CopyTrans Manager >>

3. SynciOS - A Free iTunes Alternative

Widows version iTunes alternative

SynciOS, a free alternative to iTunes, offers the common functions that users need to sync music, videos, photos, etc. from a PC to iPhone, iPod, and iPad. During the process of importing songs and videos to device, it will convert the incompatible files to iDevice friendly formats. It allows users to backup media files, like songs, photos, and videos from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to PC. It's a good tool except it lack ability to export music directly to iTunes Library. Also, it only works on Windows PC.

Price: Free ($39.95 for Pro version)
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP


Try SynciOS >>

Choose the iTunes Alternative Transfer Software that's Right for You

Check out more iTunes alternatives >>

  iTunes CopyTrans Manager SynciOS TunesGo 
download for mac Download
download for win Download
Collect all music, movies and playlists in one place
collect music

Import songs from CD
import songs

Genius makes mixes of songs that go great together
get songs together

iTunes Match lets users to share songs on computer and iDevices
itunes match

iTunes offers thousands of songs and videos to download
download songs and videos

Copy music, playlists, videos, and photos from computer to iPhone/iPod/iPad
copy music from computer to iphone
copy music from pc to iphone
transfer music from pc to iphone
transfer songs from computer to iphone
Play music
play music
play songs
play ios music
play music on iphone
Convert audio file and videos to iPhone, iPod, iPad friendly format

convert audio
convert video
Transfer music from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer

transfer music from iphone to pc
copy songs from iphone to pc
Backup photos, photo albums, and videos from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer

backup photos
backup iphone photos
Create & delete photos and photo albums on iPhone/iPod/iPad
delete photos
delete ipad photos
Delete music, videos, podcasts, iTunes U, audiobook, and playlists on iPhone/iPod/iPad

delete music from iphone
delete music and video from iphone
Transfer music and playlists from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes Library with playcounts, ratings, and artwork

transfer music from iphone to itunes
Transfer playlists (smart playlists included) from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer

transfer playlists from iphone to computer

From the above table, you can see that Wondershare TunesGo is a comprehensive iTunes replacement and a better music organizer than iTunes. Compared with other tools, Wondershare TunesGo offers more capabilities and it has separate version for both Windows PC and Mac.

4. PodTrans – iTunes Alternative Freeware

PodTrans performs well in the transferring part, more or less like the iTunes sync. It transfers songs from a computer to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad without iTunes. Like the other iTunes alternative software, when transferring files, no original files on devices will be erased. Moreover, PodTrans can transfer songs, videos, podcast, voice memos, etc. from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to PC for backup.

Price: Free ($29.95 to upgrade to the Pro version)
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP & Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9


Part 2: iTunes Alternatives to Play Music with Ease

Product Name Operating System Rank Price Main Features
Foobar 2000

Allow users to add or upgrade artwork and other tags;
Work with third-party components to extend capabilities;
Support audio files in almost every format, like MP3, WMA, etc;
Offer customizable keyword shortcuts and user interface layout;
Rip CDs and convert audio formats with Convert component;
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Allow users to add or upgrade artwork and other tags;
Manage music and video libraries without bogging down
Keep syncing with iTunes to update metadata automatically;
Customizable widget lets you take control of your music easily;
Import music, movies, and Podcasts from iTunes Library;
Connect with Last.fm, Twitter, and Facebook to get more songs;
Windows XP/Vista/8/7

Find duplicate songs and missing tag;
Create and manager playlists intuitively;
Rip CD and convert audio/video to MP3 format;
Manage big movies and music libraries without slowing down;
Play audio and videos files in multiple formats, like AVI, FLAC;
Sync music to iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other devices;
Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Import music from your iTunes Library;
Offer high-fidelity sound for sophisticated music lovers;
Support a wide range of high-quality audio formats, like FLAC;
Display track tags, artwork, stereo levels, and audio waveforms;
Convert audio files to preferred formats when importing to library;
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Rip CDs and sync music to iPod, iPhone, iPad, and more;
Automatically look up and show lyrics and save it to your songs;
Import libraries from iTunes Library and Windows Media Player;
Supports popular music formats & conversion between formats;
Customize Auto DJ rules to populate the Now Playing queue;
Create smart and radio-style playlists with rules and options;

Part 3: People Say iTunes is Garbage, What Do You Think?

Infographic: Stay Away from iTunes 12! or maybe just give it a chance

iTunes is garbage infographic

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

well written thank you made me laugh (appreciatively)
love it. well written. what do you recommend for podcast subscriptions for an ipod?
lot of labels/words in itunes cut off no matter which version or my resolution settings.
Who is the Apple cum swallowing fool that wrote this trainwreck? The folks that read this want an alternative to itunes......as in it is NOT needed. The app that you are all but shouting for everyone to chose REQUIRES ITUNES..Move along folks nothing new to see here. Just another asshole trying to shove crap in our faces.
my iTunes has just today stopped loading the library file. I have been saving copies of the library file every couple of days, and now it WON'T LOAD ANY OF THEM !! I have hundreds of hours of work in them, smart playlists, records of songs already played etc. this is so fucking frustrating !!!!
iTunes no longer works after "upgrading" to Yosemite. I'm sick of this crap from Apple. Products are obsolete immediately, they are the kings of proprietary devices...I'm switching back to PC when it's time to get a new laptop.
itunes is the most unfriendly disorganized non intuitive piece of shit I have ever used. I am going to find an alternative to this god forsaken pile of shit and apple can go to hell. There, maybe they will get the message.
To anyone using Apple iTunes... be VERY wary of changing or adding a new Applie ID. I recently contacted Apple to explain that I wanted to close an OLD Apple ID using a very old email address and transfer any content that had been PAID for on the ID to the NEW Apple ID. Reasonable request you would think? After multiple phone calls and online chats with Apple support - each time being told something different - it appears this is not possible. YOU CANNOT TRANSFER CONTENT FROM ONE APPLE ID TO ANOTHER. The best "work around" they can offer is this... • Using iPhone, log into iStore (not iTunes) using OLD Apple ID • Download music from old ID to the iPhone • Log out • Wait 90 days!!!! • Log in using NEW Apple ID • Download music from new ID to the iPhone It apparently gets the content onto ONE device (if you don't mind waiting 90 days)!! HOWEVER, if you ever want to download any updates to content originally purchased on the old Apple ID (for example to an App), you must login using the OLD Apple ID. Therefore, YOU CANNOT CLOSE AN OLD APPLE ID OR MERGE CONTENT YOU HAVE PAID FOR INTO A NEW APPLE ID. "CAN'T OR WON'T?"
F'n iTunes man...
I love the iPhone, but iTunes alone is reason enough to go for an android. Apple really needs to pull their heads out of their asses and fix this thing. OR at the very least STOP changing it every other day. If you're going to give users some incomprehensible garbage to work with, at least give us time to get used to it.
Shouldnt be so hard to transfer files..!!!! & always with updates...All Itunes is is a store..They want you to buy shit...!!!!!so frustrating..
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