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Top 10 Alternatives to iTunes

I have searched the Internet, finding that people who are searching for alternatives to iTunes have different purposes. Some expect the iTunes alternatives to be faster in transferring music to Apple devices. Some wish for an intuitive iTunes alternative to manage music and movie libraries. To meet people's requirements, here in this article, both transfer tool alternatives to iTunes and Media player alternatives to iTunes are covered:

Part 1: iTunes Alternatives to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod

#1.Simpler & Faster Alternative to iTunes

better music organizer than itunes
  • Layout: an iTunes plug-in, simple and clean user interface designed with new colors and icons;
  • Support Windows & Mac: Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) is a perfect alternative to iTunes for Mac OS X; Wondershare TunesGo is an alternative to iTunes for Windows PC.
  • Rank:

Why Choose Wondershare TunesGo

Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Transfer from Any Computer to Any iDevice

Makes it free for users to transfer any song from any computer to any iPhone, iPad, & iPod, breaking down iTunes' limitations for sharing songs among computers and devices.
Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Support Songs and Videos in 30+ Formats

Supports music and videos in more than 30 formats, helping users to transfer almost any killer song or video from any computer to any iPhone, iPad, and iPod for enjoyment.
Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

Two-way synchronization – a Complete Solution

iTunes is one-way synchronization tool: from computer to devices. Wondershare TunesGo offers two-way synchronization: from computer to devices & from devices to computers.
Batch Download YouTube Videos for Free

WOW!!! Transfer Music Back to iTunes Library

Transfer music and playlists from iPhone, iPod, and iPad back to iTunes Library while filtering out these which have existed in iTunes, giving you a brand new WOW experience.

#2. CopyTrans Manager - A Simple iTunes Alternative

itunes alternative for windows

CopyTrans Manager is known as a free iTunes alternative to manage files on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It allows users to add music, videos, apps, etc. from a PC to an iPhone without an iTunes. By doing this, users can transfer music from a computer to multiple iPhones, iPods, and iPads without erasing the original data on the devices. However, it's only available for Windows PC. No Mac version is available yet. If you're looking for an alternative to iTunes for Mac OS X, you should try CopyTrans alternative for Mac.

Price: Free
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.


Download CopyTrans Manager >>

#3. SynciOS - A Free iTunes Alternative

Widows version iTunes alternative

SynciOS, free alternative to iTunes, offers the common functions that users need to sync music, videos, photos, etc. from a PC to iPhone, iPod, and iPad. During the process of importing songs and videos to device, it will convert the incompatible files to iDevice friendly formats. Besides, it allows users to backup media files, like songs, photos, and videos from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to PC. It's an excellent tool except for lacking the feature of exporting music directly to iTunes Library. Now it only works on Windows PC.

Price: Free ($39.95 for Pro version)
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP


Try SynciOS >>

Choose the iTunes alternative transfer software that's right for you

Check out more iTunes alternatives >>

  iTunes CopyTrans Manager SynciOS TunesGo 
download for mac Download
download for win Download
Collect all music, movies and playlists in one place
collect music
Import songs from CD
import songs
Genius makes mixes of songs that go great together
get songs together
iTunes Match lets users to share songs on computer and iDevices
itunes match
iTunes offers thousands of songs and videos to download
download songs and videos
Copy music, playlists, videos, and photos from computer to iPhone/iPod/iPad
copy music from computer to iphone
copy music from pc to iphone
transfer music from pc to iphone
transfer songs from computer to iphone
Play music
play music
play songs
play ios music
play music on iphone
Convert audio file and videos to iPhone, iPod, iPad friendly format

convert audio
convert video
Transfer music from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer

transfer music from iphone to pc
copy songs from iphone to pc
Backup photos, photo albums, and videos from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer

backup photos
backup iphone photos
Create & delete photos and photo albums on iPhone/iPod/iPad
delete photos
delete ipad photos
Delete music, videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobook, and playlists on iPhone/iPod/iPad

delete music from iphone
delete music and video from iphone
Transfer music and playlists from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes Library with playcounts, ratings, and artwork

transfer music from iphone to itunes
Transfer playlists (smart playlists included) from iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer

transfer playlists from iphone to computer

From the above table, you can see that Wondershare TunesGo is a comprehensive iTunes replacement, a better music organizer than itunes. Compared with other tools, Wondershare TunesGo offers more capabilities and it has separate version for Windows PC and Mac.

#4. PodTrans – iTunes Alternative Freeware

PodTrans performs well in the transferring part, more or less like the iTunes sync. It transfers songs from a computer to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad without iTunes. Like the other mentioned iTunes alternative software, when transferring files, no original files on devices will be erased. Moreover, PodTrans does what iTunes can't – Transfer songs, videos, Podcast, Voice Memos, etc. from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to PC for backup.

Price: Free ($29.95 to upgrade to the Pro version)
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP & Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9


Part 2: iTunes Alternatives to Play Music Heartedly at Ease

Product Name Operating System Rank Price Main Features
Foobar 2000

Allow users to add or upgrade artwork and other tags;
Work with third-party components to extend capabilities;
Support audio files in almost every format, like MP3, WMA, etc;
Offer customizable keyword shortcuts and user interface layout;
Rip CDs and convert audio formats with Convert component;
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Allow users to add or upgrade artwork and other tags;
Manage music and video libraries without bogging down
Keep syncing with iTunes to update metadata automatically;
Customizable widget lets you take control of your music easily;
Import music, movies, and Podcasts from iTunes Library;
Connect with Last.fm, Twitter, and Facebook to get more songs;
Windows XP/Vista/8/7

Find duplicate songs and missing tag;
Create and manager playlists intuitively;
Rip CD and convert audio/video to MP3 format;
Manage big movies and music libraries without slowing down;
Play audio and videos files in multiple formats, like AVI, FLAC;
Sync music to iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other devices;
Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Import music from your iTunes Library;
Offer high-fidelity sound for sophisticated music lovers;
Support a wide range of high-quality audio formats, like FLAC;
Display track tags, artwork, stereo levels, and audio waveforms;
Convert audio files to preferred formats when importing to library;
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Rip CDs and sync music to iPod, iPhone, iPad, and more;
Automatically look up and show lyrics and save it to your songs;
Import libraries from iTunes Library and Windows Media Player;
Supports popular music formats & conversion between formats;
Customize Auto DJ rules to populate the Now Playing queue;
Create smart and radio-style playlists with rules and options;

Part 3: People Say iTunes is Garbage, What's Your Opinion?

Infographic: iTunes Is Garbage

iTunes is garbage infographic

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Fuck apple
One week ago, I got the exact same problem as you. Six days ago, I finally bought me an android ;-)
Updating Itunes tonight gave me this ass pain: the fucking updater crashed while installing their latest piece of shit update, and after a restart, I find that I have NO Itunes. Dozens of carefully constructed playlists, subscriptions to dozens of podcasts- all done. I have to reinstall all of my music, all of my preferences, everything. Fucking Itunes is shit. My Iphone is also shit. Can you tell I'll never invest in an Apple product again?
I'm sorry to say that in regards to library issues unless you do it 'Apple's way,' you'll always be frustrated with library issues. And after a certain amount of data in your library, you'll have issues anyway. It really is crappy software in the sense that they haven't improved to handle really big libraries (I have 250 GB of music for example). i'm approaching from a simpler, smaller-scale level now and it works much better. I still can't find an adequate replacement for iTunes or I'd use it.
Right. I've given up and given in. The best alternative for me was to use Finder as a launcher and make VLC the default player. It work- without the glamor though! I tried Nightingale for a while but that was cumbersome too. I have two really big issues with iTunes- their d*** xml library and the monopoly store. Other issues are more on the petty side. I've tried for years to keep my music (I NEVER buy music through the rip-off store) on an external disk. I have 250 GB of music. But it always screws up whenever I get a new computer, reinstall the OS, or whatever. Then you have to manually have to fix everything. It is SO aggravating! Now I set iTunes to copy media into library, keep my music on my external, and rotate it when iTunes gets bloated. The other thing I hate about iTunes is that gold mine store they have going. It's two apps in one really, and you can never really get away from it. Like I said, there are plenty of other iTunes gripes and complaints I have. I should mention tags too- why in the world doesn't iTunes save my changes and overwrite? As soon as you re-add music you'll lose all your custom tags. Anyway, VLC is the best solution for a minimalist approach. You can save play lists too, but I can see that as turning into a lot of work and headaches. With VLC it's best to play on the fly.
wow great list. Naturally I pick the #1 app to download. After installing, the first thing I see is a window saying I forgot to install 'Itunes' which it tells me is needed to run the app. Great Itunes alternative. I'm out.
Ive been an avid music collector since I can remember. I am trying to my library clean, tagged correctly and most of all in tact. iTunes is not friendly to this idea. Whether there is an update or not,eventually iTunes will glitch and not "see" my library at all. When I finally remedy the problem some how somewhere iTunes has deleted part of the library and or it creates multiples of the same tracks from the same albums and then I have to go in manually and clean up all this mess that iTunes has created and when you have over 25,000 songs that is a major project and I simply cant spend all my time fixing what iTunes continually loves to screw up.=( . So sick of this I just want to continue to add music to my library seamlessly and not lose anything in the process. My wife just incorporated her music library with mine and I done want to even begin to explain what a huge clusterf*ck that was. I keep iTunes because I download a lot of my daughter's shows from the store but other than that I need to find something else to use for my music use. Please advise. Thank you for your help!
Did you mean you couldn't add music to device? If so, please try the following steps: 1)Restart your iPhone to try again, 2)If still not working then try deleting MediaDB and re-sync.
Oh, iTunes just gets worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse...and unfriendlier, and unfriendlier, and unfriendlier...and predictable as the weather in the Caribbean in October I still use it in a limited way but if you don't care about colors just use VLC. It's a snap and will always do you right. You can save playlists too.
I don't want my music library reformatted to a graphic iTunes Store interface. I have YEARS of radio DJ playlists in my 10.7 library, with additional info tediously typed in to tell who published the music, who wrote it, who was the original artist, etc. When iTunes 11 came along, I dutifully upgraded and lost EVERYTHING, so I manually deleted iTunes 11 and re-installed 10.7. Before I consider savagely reformatting my entire digital music library, can anyone tell me if iTunes 12 will import playlists and if the "get info" header still works. I do NOT search my music by graphic album cover. I don't even know what most of the album covers would look like, for crying out loud. Who cares? I would like to continue to use iTunes, but not sacrifice all my music to this iTunes Store Application. Suggestions?
My flac music and DVD rips are stored on WD MyCloud. I want a media organizer/interface/ player that runs on ipad mini whose output I can use a hdmi cable adapter to receiver, or output via Airplay. What program should i use?


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