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5 Beautiful Free iTunes Visualizers to Download

iTunes visualizer may not be  the must-have feature, but it brings more fun to iTunes users. It draws an intuitive picture with the currently playing music, and it's really very cool to watch when you are listening some iTunes songs. The built-in iTunes Visualizer and iTunes Classic Visualizer is great, and now you can add more fun by downloading extra visualizers. Here are the best iTunes visualizers of our choice. Pick out your favorites.

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AquaFlow iTunes Visualizer

Let's start with the smooth and slow iTunes visualizer. Just as its names "flow" says, lines move fluidly across the screen, which makes it the mesmerizing visualizer for iTunes.

itunes visualizer aquaflow

Click the image above to download iTunes visualizer. Also check out 2-in-1 iTunes visualizer and lyric player .

Figure iTunes Visualizer

This visual effect for iTunes turns your music album cover into 3D model on screen. It's very artistic and interesting to watch. The song information is also available. And the white background will change to black while switching to next music track.

itunes visualizer figure

Download AquaFlow iTunes Visualizer

Dragon iTunes Visualizer

This visualizer is vivid and colorful. The movement of dragon has significant connection with the music. If the tempo of music is quick, the movement of dragon will be faster and more interesting to look at.

itunes visualizer dragon

Download Dragon iTunes Visualizer

Fountain Music Visualizer

Fountain Music visualizer displays a fountain of particles which will change its color depending on the music.

itunes visualizer fountainmusic

Download Fountain Music Visualizer

Cubism iTunes Visualizer

This is one of my favorite visually visualization for iTunes. It's a 3D bar floating on the outer space, with a cubic album cover. The bar will became longer or shorter, and the color will change, depending on the song.

itunes visualizer cubism

Download Cubism iTunes Visualizer

More iTunes Visualizers

All of the above iTunes visualizers is free for non-commercial use. There is usually instructions to install them, or just a package to extract and use. You need select the installed visualizer through View > Visualizer in iTunes. For commercial iTunes visualizers, Soundspectrum provides professional and amazing ones for iTunes as well as other media player like Windows Media Player, Winamp, MediaMonkey, etc. I usually use the free trial version. Bravo!

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It does, you need to go into your app menu in the finder and do the following: 1: When in the app menu in finder, click once on the iTunes icon 2: Go to File > Get Info, then click on "Open in 32 Bit mode" 3: Open iTunes and enjoy you visualizers
Not compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, great :-(


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